Whilst I've Been Working



The pressures on! Life is crazy hectic at the moment. With the imminent launch of my childrenswear brand looming and happening in the next few months I barely have time to spend with my daughter. I hate it because I feel so guilty. All I want to do is sit and play with her or pull funny faces and make her laugh all day. Gabriella is definitely my priority but at the moment it doesn't quite feel like I'm getting my priorities right. I'm spending so much time on my business, even though I know I'm working so hard to offer Gabriella a better life I still feel guilty. It's not even like I'm out to work in an office all day, I work from home the majority of the time, but with my head buried all day in the iMac I can't spend much quality time with my daughter.

Maybe everyone's life swings in roundabouts. I'm learning that motherhood and business is about juggling and at times the scales will feel unbalanced because something else requires your attention. What I've learnt lately is to savour and appreciate those precious moments or take full advantage of quieter weeks and make up for what feels like lost days whilst I've been snowed under.

It's a mothers prerogative, it's in our DNA to feel guilty, society definitely doesn't help ease the pressure we feel as a mother. The most important thing is finding the balance which works for you and your family.

I would love to know how other mothers feel and cope with the work/motherhood balance?

Gabriella has been having lots of fun with daddy in the park, emptying and playing with my makeup bag and sneakily eating easter egg which was left on the side (was definitely a Kodak moment but I didn't manage to catch it on camera!)


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