What We're Reading This Month







20130301-111030.jpg One of my favourite things to do with Gabriella is read. She loves it, we cuddle up and read for hours, now she's at the age where she is engaged, our reading time is much more fun, she gets involved and sometimes repeats some of the simpler words.

Gabriella has always liked books. We seem to have got through a fair few in the last year. She's definitely a rough and tumble little girl so naturally Ive always thought it to be the safest and economical option to buy board books. Oh no...not with Gabriella! How does a toddler manage to rip and totally destroy board books?! This usually leads to monthly purchase of new books hence the title of the blog post...I'm thinking this could probably become a monthly feature post with the way books are being destroyed.

I highly recommend all of these. Each Peach Pear Plum takes me back to my young years so i'm slightly biased as to which is my favourite! Does anyone else remember this classic? The little learning library from The Hungry Caterpillar is the perfect choice especially if you travel or like to pop them in your handbag as a weapon of distraction! These four mini hungry caterpillar books are loved by Gabriella. It's probably the beautiful illustrations and bright colours that keep Gabriella fixated on this collection. Oh and you've probably noticed they seem to have dual purpose, not only do they taste yummy but they also double as a toy phone!

For interactivity Dear Zoo is amazing, Gabriella loves lifting the flaps to see what's behind each box. This is the book we are having the most fun with. It's another classic I remember when I was young. I'm so happy Gabriella is enjoying it as much as I did. I've noticed that Gabriella is not so heavy handed with these new books, let's hope it lasts!

Until next month...

Gabriella wears dress from No Added Sugar