IMG_6217 The suns out and spring is delighting us almost every day. Don't you just love this season, it has to be my favourite of them all. The sun whom we have very rarely seen for too many months really is magic I've come alive and feel a new lease of life. Seeing the earth come alive with new life everywhere is just great for the soul. And well who doesn't love blossom against the bright blue skies doesn't it just make you so happy?!

The change in season has seen a change in my wardrobe and now that I'm no longer breastfeeding I can wear something a little more exciting than shirts and jersey vests!

Spring is all about transitional pieces, layering and the introduction of colourful hues. I found the perfect sheer printed long kimono, it's so versatile, I've been wearing it over leggings/jeggings and simple silk vests, jeans and shirts. As the weather warms up more I'm going to throw it on over simple summer dresses and shorts (legs and clean eating permitting!).

I've been on the lookout for a new bra, one that could restore my cleavage to something that resembles me pre-babies. The thing is now I'm a lot larger in the chest since having children so my usual go to brands are no longer for me (for now :-(). What I look for from a bra is support, comfort and style. For the past 3 weeks I have been trying out Playtex Contour Perfection. It's padded (perhaps more padding than I currently need) and underwired which gives support and even, youthful looking cleavage and it's very stylish quite refreshing after nearly 2 years of maternity bras!


For my nails Essie's A Splash of Grenadine is my colour of the moment. It's a fresh, pastel tone, a pinkish purple but with some omph!

I've fallen head over heels in love with a British Tuesdays 4160 Centrepiece which I recently discovered in a goody bag gifted to me by Fortnum & Mason, If you like a musky, sensual unique fragrance then you probably need this in your life! The Centrepiece fragrance is a smooth, voluptuous 50s style fragrance, inspired by a visit to Fortnum & Mason’s ice cream parlour and perfume salon. The perfect daytime scent, with luxurious frangipani blossom, and notes of green tea and golden honey. Utterly delicious. Tuesdays 4160 handmake very small batches of 50-200 at a time of these gorgeous fragrances. The love that has gone into the making of each and every one of these fragrances can really be felt. At £120 is a little more expensive as some of the mass produced fragrances but remember it is hand made in the UK.

Long Printed Kimono - Warehouse Playtex Contour Perfection Bra - Debenhams (gifted) Tuesdays 4160 Centrepiece - Fortnum & Mason (gifted) Essie Splash of grenadine - Essie