Westbourne Grove meets Portobello Road


20130222-151851.jpg Just having a few days of sun has completely changed my mood. Isn't it strange, everyone and everything is far more pleasant when you add some sun into the equation.

Monday afternoon was meeting free and although my inbox still wasn't empty just seeing the sun through the blinds was enough to tempt me into an afternoon stroll with Gabriella. I can tell you now that strolling with a toddler does not hold the same definition as those strolls you visualise on your own! I spent most of the time running and trying to keep up with Gabriella and catching her before she scooted off into the roads. I was slightly aware I was missing the shops and windows I used to look so longingly into.


We did make it to Ottolenghi's one of my favourite eatery's in Notting Hill, mainly because Gabriella had worked up such an appetite and needed cake to see her home. I fall in love with food each and every time I go in. I can cook, but I need to learn to cook the Ottolenghi way, for sure.



I try not to forget what I have on my doorstep and take advantage of what my local area has to offer. London has plenty of little pockets which are home to eclectic streets you could wonder down and get lost in the buzz, wherever you live I'm sure there is somewhere that has this feeling. Remembering the time before I was a mother, I could happily sit for hours people watching and admiring the interesting silhouettes of people which gravitate to London. I still love to do this, I just cant do it for such a lengthy time and I need to have the eyes of a hawk with Gabriella in tow! People and places fascinate me, especially Notting Hill. Westbourne Grove is super chic whilst Portobello Road is street cool, it's not often you find such diverse street style right on the doorstep of each other. So different but they compliment each other so well.










20130222-152652.jpg I'm sure through my posts you will see that Notting Hill is very much where my heart lies, it's a part of my life that I'm really excited to share with you. Notting Hill definitely contributes to who I am personally and as a designer.