Valentines Day With The Family

Valentines Day With The Family Gabriella chose my valentines flowers!

I have never been a huge supporter of Valentines day, purely because I feel that it's terribly over commercialised and we end up forgetting the true meaning of love. It's not about the huge presents (although who can deny the enjoyment of receiving one!) but about celebrating the love we have for each other and most importantly having the opportunity to spend the day or evening together without feeling guilty or like we should be doing something else.

As a couple we used to spend lots of time eating out and exploring the world but these days we are lucky if we have the opportunity to tell each other about our day. Naturally we jumped at the chance when Glenn's sister offered to babysit the girls whilst we went out to dinner.

We surprised the girls with a beautiful red heart-shaped balloon at the end of their beds to wake up to on Valentines morning. They loved this!

Isn't it nice when you are surprised?! Glenn somehow managed to surprise me with a lovely champagne brunch setup at home.

Because I don't do it very often at the moment it was nice to get dressed up and have an evening out. We had a lovely meal at Buddha bar in Knightbridge. I so wanted to continue the evening on with some drinks elsewhere but i'm still trying to get over the flu so we uberred ourselves back home to our babies.


Valentine Day Family Brunch