Mummy Loves... Bluebells


I've always dreamed of setting my eyes on fields of bluebells. It's been a childhood dream that I have been dying to share with the children. Living in a city bluebell fields are not something you hear the folks of London discuss, so after a little research I knew to find my dream bluebell fields I would probably have to travel, but actually I couldn't believe I found the perfect place not too far, a 30-40 minute drive from London.

Last Sunday afternoon, we packed up the car, put some music whilst Gabriella played on her iPad, Lucia had a snooze and we drove up to Hertfordshire.

Ashridge Estate is breathtaking. You know its going to be right when you drive through the village just before Ashridge. Clean air, beautiful grounds and woods which to be honest I can imagine it would make the perfect location for an afternoon at anytime of the year. The woods are untouched natural beauties. Rustic, quiet and at spring time so full of bluebells. It was just as I have pictured it would be. Sorry to be cliche but to be surrounded by a sea of bluebells was dreamy, almost magical. It was just so incredible to be away from the city for a moment and enjoy the simplicity of nature and as much as we love London the soul needs this change from time to time. The girls were able to run through the fields, climb broken trees and pick up sticks and Gabriella had her first encounter with stinging nettles, poor Gabriella!

Bluebells cover the woods like a pretty lilac carpet IMG_6971 IMG_6893 IMG_6791 IMG_6917 IMG_6899 IMG_7016

How i'm loving spring. There's just so much to see and do. After a winter of being cooped up indoors we have been taking full advantage of our glorious weather.