The Orangery | Hyde Park

Tunnels of Green Leafy Arches

The orangery is the most delightful, pretty, hidden gardens you may ever see, especially in London. From Spring time onwards the colours just continue to burst through, every time you visit you will see another layer of colour appear. Utterly gorgeous. Expect to be mesmerised and in awe of this peaceful oasis take some lunch and savour every detail, listen to the sound of water fall from the fountains and be sure to take your camera.

A Winding Maze-Like Pathway

We walk this Orangery even in the winter and I'm so glad that we do, I somehow appreciate the bare and moody backdrop the orangery provides in the Winter. Come the Spring, the transformation is just so spectacular. The white snowdrops in March that delicately stand around the orangery and through the walk way are the first sign of what's to come. The bluebells add another dimension,  a few weeks later, the tulips and other Spring flowers just take the whole experience to another very beautiful level.

The Orangery Hyde Park

It makes the perfect place to have a wander with the children, it's perfect for toddlers, the bright florals seem to keep them very entertained. If you're really lucky take a book to enjoy whilst they nap. It's also a huge crowd pleaser for when you have guests from out of town or abroad and its totally free. 

kensington palace hyde park

Take a stroll down the windy maze to the little cafe and enjoy a cup of tea at Kensingtoon palace.