The National Trust's Heartwood Forest

IMG_7810 Oh the magic of the woods. How we have loved spring this year. It's so vibrant, pretty and full of life. We love a bit of adventure, exploration and going somewhere new. Disney have been celebrating their release of Into the Woods on DVD by hosting a magical forest trail in Heartwood Forest. The children could dress up as their favourite Disney character if they wanted to. Gabriella wanted to be a fairy, how appropriate. Fairies do live in the woods after all!


What a way to spend a warm Sunday afternoon. Heartwood Forest is the place to go if you are close to London and would like to experience the great british outdoors at its finest. We really do have some of the most beautiful woods particularly in the Spring with all the bluebells. Luckily we had seen the bluebells out in full force at Ashridge Estate two weeks ago, the ones at Heartwood Forest were on their last legs and really dying off, the bluebell impact wasn't as magnificent but I could see if we had been only a few days earlier the display would have been spectacular. A tip, when you hear that the bluebells are out, act fast. They only have a life of 3-4 weeks. You know that saying 'all good things must come to an end'. That's bluebells.

IMG_7915 IMG_7872 IMG_7870 IMG_7854 IMG_7868 Look who we found, it's Milky White from Into the Woods

Bluebells or not, the forest area at Heartwood is beautiful. Pathways lead the way through, which for me I prefer and is very convenient when you have a buggy and 2 children in tow. Don't get me wrong, things got a bit muddy and rocky and awkward in places but nothing that couldn't be handled. Wandering deeper into the forest we stumbled across some stick dens. How amazing. The children loved it. Little houses for them to play in and run in and out of in the woods. Not sure who made them but they certainly left them for us all to enjoy. Stretching the girls imagination is my forte, I had such fun telling Gabriella stories and showing her the huge trees where all the forest fairies live and we played ring a ring a roses with the forest fairies dancing around us. Just enchanting.