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Travel Edit | Marrakesh

It excites me. I'm constantly thinking,

'Let's create gorgeous memories with the children in tow'.

To have that yearning to explore, a sense of adventure, an overwhelming desire to see beyond the life we live, I could only wish and dream that my children inherit my traits.

I am made to explore. To wander foreign lands. Experience culture. Hand in hand with my children. I believe we can do it all, I think we can do anything we desire, so we do everything we want. Not one to ponder on whether something will work, I know we will make it work. As a family. Together.

Naturally, travelling can become something of a slight circus act with children, I relax with the thought that it's ok for our trips to take a little longer, with more respite between our meanders, a lot more pit stops which has meant that we have pleasantly stumbled across a number of family friendly cafes and restaurants and some break days inbetween. To me, the juggling act is worth it, because no one can take away those moments you experience together and the sweetest memories you are building. The blocks that will create the most beautiful childhood.


In a thought many would brush off the possibility of an adventure to a very hot, desert like land such as Marrakech. A risk? Maybe. But not for us. Marrakech has always sat very beautifully in my heart, certainly up there as a clear favourite spot in the world. Never previously explored with children though. It didn't disappoint. 

A vibey walled city, completely cultured with only a hint of a westernised lifestyle , busy, quite hectic and full of life.  One can't help but love to flit between getting down with the hustle and bustle one minute and finding little spots to take sanctuary in beautiful hidden oasis', riad restaurants and luxury spas. Im sure if my alter ego was a city it would be Marrakech. In a strange type of way it reminds me of Notting Hill, it just does its own thing pleasing nobody but itself and the ones who love them.

marrakech bahia palace


Discover our favourite Marrakech spots


Marrakesh, Morocco La Jardin Secret

La Jardin Secret

The most stunning secret gardens. Quite spectacular yet simple, landscaped to perfection. A quiet peaceful place to explore. Cactus in all shapes and sizes. A photographers dream and a gardeners delight. Space for the little ones to wander and paths like a maze will keep them entertained.

IMG_1955 2.jpg
la Jardin Secret Marrakech

Palais Bahia

For the architecture alone this place should be visited. Intricate and beautiful. Painted window shutters still remain and the carved wooden doors and ceiling are breathtaking. Full of detail and if you have children there is plenty of space to stretch their legs. 

palais Bahia Marrakech
Bahia palace marrakech
bahia palais Marrakech
Bahia palace marrakech
palais Bahia Marrakech

Jardin Majorelle

This place is stunning. Unfortunately I couldn't capture at its best as we arrived mid-rainfall. Also we left our visit to very late afternoon, I recommend an earlier morning visit, post breakfast before the tourist rush and coach tours arrive. It's a popular spot, and quite rightly so. Luckily I had seen these gardens on a previous trip and it was a lot less busy. Would make a gorgeous backdrop if you find quiet time to visit.

majorelle Gardens Marrakech
majorelle gardens Marrakech
jardin majorelle
jardin majorelle marrakech
A Boutique Hotel at Heathrow | Hotel Ibis Styles
ibis styles heathrow

Finally, a boutique hotel at Heathrow Airport which will not break the bank. What a lovely way to start your travels. It's all very hectic, travelling with children. And, for those early morning flights it's not worth the risk of oversleeping and being stuck in traffic miles away from the airport. The thought of being all prepared, bags packed, passports with you and children within close proximity to check-in the day before, can only fill one with a little peace of mind.

hotel ibis styles heathrow

Simple & Easy Check In

I'm all about aestectics and the way things feel. Walking into the lobby is such a contrast to the outside, clean, modern and welcoming. It felt great. I'm something of a pro when it comes to staying at airport hotels. I must tell you, for an airport hotel it has to be the most style focused one I have stayed at to date. Especially at this price point. Check in was a breeze. The staff are super friendly and are more than happy to make your stay as comfortable as possible. Sent on our way to enjoy our evening of rest with a few apples was a very nice touch which the girls particularly loved. It's the littlest things that make moments memorable.

hotel ibis styles heathrow
hotel ibis styles

Eating, Drinking & Sleeping 

How nice to have a restaurant and bar on location. Relaxed enough to take the children for a bite to eat or some milk and pudding in our case before tucking them in for the night. Be prepared, there is no room service, but the restaurant and bar is open to around midnight. Another little tip, there is a petrol right next door for some late night movie snacks.                                                      

restaurant hotel ibis styles heathrow
restaurant hotel ibis style heathrow

The Rooms

Very Clean. Very Stylish. Everything you need and more. Opening the door and to be greeted by this room was a pleasant surprise. Theres a place for everything and all the basics have been catered for. There are even USB charging sockets in the wall, great lighting, water and cups, a kettle, shower gels, hairdryers, space to hang your next days clothes. There's no wardrobe, but why would you need one, we're off on holiday after all. The beds are of the standard you would expect from any luxury hotel, comfy, fresh and with great clean, white crisp linen and plump pillows. Best of all, there is a duvet.

room hotel ibis styles
family travel blog
family travel blog

Breakfast is Included

Yes, breakfast is included. An all you can eat buffet feast. There is something for everyone. The girls loved the selection of cereals, toast and there was also an array of meats cheeses, yoghurts and hot and cold drinks. The perfect way to fuel you for your day ahead travelling.

breakfast hotel ibis styles
family travel blog london

Thank you to Hotel Ibis for hosting our stay

Hotel Ibis Styles Heathrow - Website 

Warwick Castle | Trainline App

London, we Love you, but, we need some time away. Just a day will do, which, i’m sure will make our hearts yearn for you once again.

They say a change is as good as a rest. With juggling working life and a family lately, it’s been draining everything we have both mentally and physically. So, we decided to escape the rat race for a day. Family time is so precious, it’s rare at the moment, but ironically it’s the very reason why we are working so hard, so that we can have more time together, time to create beautiful memories that we will all treasure forever. For a little time out we decided on an adventure to Warwick castle in Warwickshire. It’s surprisingly easy to get to from London. Just a train ride away.

Climbing out of bed a couple of hours earlier than usual on the weekend was completely worth it. We huddled into a taxi which dropped us off 5 minutes down the road to Marylebone station. With no need to buy tickets because we purchased ours a couple of days before using the trainline app we had some time to grab some coffees and croissants from Patisserie Valerie. Sipping on hot coffee whilst letting the train take the strain and watching the city pass us by as we entered the countryside was utter bliss. Just what we all needed.

Warwick station is a tiny little station with no ammenities other than a small taxi station. A little word of advice would be to come prepared. Bring snacks, food and drinks for the little ones and yourself. It’s not London, there’s no Pret or Starbucks on every corner. Sometimes I forget how lucky we are. However, some remoteness was just what we were looking for. A very pretty 10 minute walk will take you to the castle from the station and you may be as lucky as we were and stumble upon the most delightful English Tea room ever. Located on Castle Street, just a few steps before the castle entrance you will find Thomas Oken Tea Rooms. The perfect spot and so fitting for a pit stop to refuel and enjoy our surroundings. They served the best scones I’ve ever tasted. Amazing.

We spent a long lazy afternoon wandering around Warwick Castle, climbing towers, pretending to be princesses, spotting the gorgeous peacocks dotted around the grounds and we watched the great big eagles fly around the huge estate. The girls explored everywhere, holding hands along the way. It was wonderful, very cold, but wonderful. I can imagine in the summer that you could make even more of the day, think dreamy picnics with the regal castle as the backdrop and refreshing drinks on the lawns in front of the conservatory admiring the stunning view of the river.

The Trainline app made the day run so smoothly, I cannot recommend the app more. I’m definitely the woman who loses her tickets, forgets to print them or arrives at the station so late that I miss my train because I have to book my ticket. The one thing I always have is my phone, so being able to pass through the gates with just showing your purchased tickets on the app or scanning the app is so convenient. Once your on the train its just a matter of showing your activated tickets on your app. How easy. Not only is it convenient but booking through the Trainline is sure to save you money with average savings being around 43%. I’m completely converted.

Trainline –

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