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A Spring Picnic at Kenwood House
Childhood. It's special. Let's make it magical. Turn the simplest moments into extravagant memories and let them live forever. 

Let the mind imagine a backdrop as perfect, stunning and vibrant as a treasured oil painting. A painting filled with every shade of pink and splashes of orange and yellow with a dash of white. The scene set with bloom covered archways leading to secret dens, paths and a fairytale garden just as you imagine in Alice in wonderland. That is where we setup our first official picnic of the year. Yes, such mesmerising places do exist in real life. London, yes, London.

Warm spring days are popping by every now and then, yearning to be used for late afternoon picnics wanting us to pretend summer has arrived almost a sneak peek, just a taster of our summer to come. And, on those days I am more than willling to oblige and pretend if only for a moment that summer is here to stay. I cannot help myself but to plan an outdoor picnic at any opportunity.

 Im just glad, for that opportunity to put together a picnic with a lot of style and creativity. I'm a creative and I will always look for the most creative way of doing the simplest things.

I just know these picnics will create lasting magical memories of their childhood. 





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