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Winter in Mamas and Papas
mamas papas liberty london

Gorgeous golden leaves. Crispy, crunchy and ever shade of golden that the mind can imagine. Autumn really is almost too beautiful for words. I can't help but gaze at the blankets of leaves which change the entire tone and feel of London. Fallen leaves make up the visual beauty of the season. Childhood memories of autumn are dictated by the autumnal colour palette that surrounds and intrigues little minds and excites their vision.

The Autumn has always been the favourite season outdoors. Its been a blessing to the journey of motherhood, we seem to find ourselves occupied at the park in the early mornings for hours doing almost nothing at all but feeling completely fulfilled upon leaving. It goes without saying that we amuse ourselves drinking coffee (me not Lucia!), kicking leaves and creating wonderful collections of leaves separated by colour.

Mamas and Papas has the most stunning dress in their Liberty collection which suits the autumn winter season just perfectly. In just the right golden yellowy mustard colour and a typical ditsy floral liberty print it fits beautifully in Lucia's autumn winter wardrobe.

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mamas and papas liberty collaboration
mamas and papas liberty print childrenswear

Lucia Wears:

Dress - Mamas and Papas

Shoes - Start Right

Lucia's 1st Birthday

image Happy Birthday to our dear Lucia!

"How is it that you are already a whole year old? I'm sure that it was only moments ago that I gave you your first kiss and cuddle and smelt your scent. I still get teary eyed remembering the moment your older sister met you for the first time and it melts my heart each and every day when I watch the two of you play. You have brought us more joy than anyone can ever imagine. We love you Lucia."


It's been a whirlwind year. Full of emotions, many new and exciting memories and a huge change in the dynamic of our family now that we are four!

I just cannot believe a year can fly by so quickly, it was only last week that I looked at a photo I'd taken of Lucia and realised I'd taken a photo of a beautiful little girl not a baby. I'm not sure how I felt. I think it was a combination of feeling extremely proud of the baby I had nurtured and cared for over the past year and seeing how much she had grown and changed but on the other hand the realisation that baby Lucia who is now an amazingly beautiful and healthy was no longer baby Lucia! Life is about evolving and now it's time to move on to the next chapter. I officially no longer have a newborn but 2 toddlers! I'll have to get over it, the important thing is that they are happy.

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Since we've been through planning birthdays and events with Gabriella we know that for a 1st birthday it's pointless doing much more than an at home celebration with close family.

We kept it simple. We opted for yellow, had a beautiful cake, lots of balloons and some fun finger foods. It was perfect. I spent the morning organising balloons, picking up the cake and after Lucia's nap she woke up to a lovely little tea party.

Balloons are clearly the best form of entertainment for toddlers, especially the helium filled ones with very long ribbons. Gabriella enjoyed making faces through the clear balloons and Lucia entertained herself with pulling the balloons down as far as she could.


Happy Birthday Lucia X

Gabriella wears:

T-shirt - Billieblush Skirt - Mamas and Papas Cake - Primrose Bakery