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Old Spitalfields Market with the Family

Family Blog - Spitalfields Market

I'm ashamed to say that we haven't yet been to Spitalfields Market as a family. Partly because it's East London and partly because I have Portobello Road and Camden Market on my doorstep. Bad? I know. We fancied doing something relaxed and laidback so I thought where else to experience that than East London. Much of East London is not really forthcoming in promoting themselves as child-friendly. Shame, there's so many too-cool-for-children restaurants I would like to try. Spitalfields is one of the places I feel quite comfortable with the children in East London. The vibe is quite a mix, tourists Vs East London Cool along with quite a few local families. I'd forgotten what unique fashion finds can be found. Gabriella and I had a little girly time, time for just a wander and well of course she used it as the perfect opportunity to ask me so many questions about everything. 'Why do cars not drive on the pavement?' 'Why does there have to be cars?' 'Why is there night?' 'Why does Lucia sleep in the day?' 'Why are the birdies inside the market?' You get the picture?! Among the questions we managed to sneak into a few shops and stalls whilst Glenn and Lucia went to check out the food offerings.

There were so many tempting foodstalls it would have been rude not to indulge! We opted for delicious sugar-free strawberry and apricot tarts after trying Egyptian street food. Yum.

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Lucia's 1st Birthday

image Happy Birthday to our dear Lucia!

"How is it that you are already a whole year old? I'm sure that it was only moments ago that I gave you your first kiss and cuddle and smelt your scent. I still get teary eyed remembering the moment your older sister met you for the first time and it melts my heart each and every day when I watch the two of you play. You have brought us more joy than anyone can ever imagine. We love you Lucia."


It's been a whirlwind year. Full of emotions, many new and exciting memories and a huge change in the dynamic of our family now that we are four!

I just cannot believe a year can fly by so quickly, it was only last week that I looked at a photo I'd taken of Lucia and realised I'd taken a photo of a beautiful little girl not a baby. I'm not sure how I felt. I think it was a combination of feeling extremely proud of the baby I had nurtured and cared for over the past year and seeing how much she had grown and changed but on the other hand the realisation that baby Lucia who is now an amazingly beautiful and healthy was no longer baby Lucia! Life is about evolving and now it's time to move on to the next chapter. I officially no longer have a newborn but 2 toddlers! I'll have to get over it, the important thing is that they are happy.

image image




image image

Since we've been through planning birthdays and events with Gabriella we know that for a 1st birthday it's pointless doing much more than an at home celebration with close family.

We kept it simple. We opted for yellow, had a beautiful cake, lots of balloons and some fun finger foods. It was perfect. I spent the morning organising balloons, picking up the cake and after Lucia's nap she woke up to a lovely little tea party.

Balloons are clearly the best form of entertainment for toddlers, especially the helium filled ones with very long ribbons. Gabriella enjoyed making faces through the clear balloons and Lucia entertained herself with pulling the balloons down as far as she could.


Happy Birthday Lucia X

Gabriella wears:

T-shirt - Billieblush Skirt - Mamas and Papas Cake - Primrose Bakery

Gabriella's Style: Texture

IMG_5196 Children's clothes are so much fun. You can have so much fun with colour and print, boundaries can be pushed without looking overdone. As a designer I love mixing texture when I'm putting together outfits is the the fun part and can give that 'designer' feel without splurging.

For the spring we (Gabriella and I) are loving girly skirts, layered and with some subtle sparkle or sheer colour layered over colour, such fun! Paired with chunky bobbly knits makes the perfect outfit for chilly spring days. Ideal for whatever the day brings, casual enough for play dates or running errands with me over Easter but stylish enough go to afternoon tea and visiting family for the Easter.



Skirt: ilovegorgeous (last season) Jumper: M&S Kids

Sketch: Afternoon Tea


I've been waiting to introduce Gabriella to afternoon tea for some time, it's one of my favourite British traditions that I hope we can enjoy together over the years. What better place to have her first Afternoon tea! Sketch is one of my all time favourite places to dine and hang out in London. I probably spent way too much time here pre-children! At Sketch afternoon tea is served with a very Alice in wonderland feel. It's the combination of a very atmospheric, interesting, fun and colourful venue, waitresses in Alice in wonderland inspired uniforms and an eclectic array of to die for chinaware and most importantly beautifully presented afternoon tea.




Fear not, Sketch is surprisingly child-friendly particularly at weekends. it's best to book, we didn't and waited for 10-15 mins for a table. We were sat in the parlour which if you booked you would have the option of choosing from some of their other rooms. All are stunning and totally unique which means visits do not get boring, just change rooms for a different backdrop. With children I would advise the Parlour or the Glade both rooms have more of a slightly informal feel which is just what you need when eating out with unpredictable ones! We sighed with relief when there was another family with 3 children of the same age group as ours already sat close-by. You know that feeling, for some reason it instantly takes the pressure off. Have you spotted the sleeping baby (Lucia) next to me on the sofa? Yes, that's right, Lucia practically slept through it all only waking near the end to sample a little of the tasty goodies. Couldn't have asked for more! I had a very enjoyable experience. It's always iffy taking a nearly 1 year old out to eat expecting them to keep still at a time when all they want to do is explore and learn new things.








The variety of little sweet and savoury sandwiches, cakes and patisseries makes afternoon tea very enjoyable for Gabriella. There's not too much of any one thing, no opportunity for little ones to get bored of their meal. We literally had to fight to get a look in!

Oh and guess what was one of Gabriella's favourite parts of Sketch? Going to the toilet! Who can blame her, I've always loved making a trip to the amazing pod toilets. It's an experience in itself, and the perfect place to take a bathroom selfie!





Better Late Than Never - Hyde Park and Ham Yard Hotel Restaurant

The end of 2014 was very hectic. Preparing for Christmas, Glenn's birthday and lots of pre-Christmas social shinanigans. Blogging suffered a little. I sort of archived some fun photos but i've decided some things are better late than neverand I've just got to share!

Hyde Park has that nostalgic feeling for us. It was the park at the end of my road for most of my adult life, the first place I took Gabriella for a walk and where we spent almost everyday up until Gabriella was 2. Who can blame Gabriella foe loving it too?! It does have the most amazing adventure park which is so interactive for all ages. What a shame you're only allowed in with kids! (but what great security for our family).

IMG_2819 IMG_2838 IMG_2865 IMG_2844 IMG_2845 IMG_2846 IMG_2864 Curiosity at the old drinking fountains in Kensington Gardens IMG_2879 IMG_2852 IMG_2912 IMG_2909IMG_2882IMG_2924

We just love to eat out. I'd heard lots of great things about about Ham Yard Hotel and how welcoming it is for families and children so I booked for us to go for Glenn's birthday. I just loved the eclectic style of the hotel's decor, it was unpretentiously cool, its definitely a place you want to just chill (wish we could have stayed the night or 10!). Food was great, as was the service and the children's packs were amazing, by far the best of what I have encountered so far.

IMG_7200IMG_7209 IMG_7213 Ham Yard's stunning eclectic decor IMG_7220 IMG_7222 IMG_7240 IMG_7228 Celebrating Glenn's birthday with pulling a cracker! IMG_7268 IMG_7238 THE most Stunning gingerbread house I have ever seen AND in the most wonderful setting IMG_7276