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Chanel Exhibition London: Mademoiselle Prive
Chanel exhibition London
Chanel exhibition London

Chanel is all about elegance. The house of Chanel oozes Parisian sophistication and timeless style. I know my wardrobe needs more Chanel nestled between the rails. The day I am able to do so cannot come soon enough. I appreciate nothing more than a high quality, everlasting, capsule wardrobe. A few Chanel pieces should be in every woman's wardrobe, budget permitting or not. My ideal pieces would be two tweed jackets, a handful of bags and at least two little black dresses. I could think of nothing better than to revel in everything Chanel for an afternoon. From anyone who knows of Chanel, to those who lust after every piece (which is me, by the way) to the ones who own an array of pieces should go and see the Mademoiselle Prive exhibition thats currently on at the Saatchi Gallery in Sloane Square.

Chanel Exhibition Saatchi Gallery
Chanel Exhibition Saatchi Gallery
Chanel exhibition london
Chanel exhibition london

There are queues, but, for some reason when you are waiting for a Chanel exhibition time seemed to pass far quicker than it actually did. The large monochrome printed boards of Gabrielle Chanel outside was just a taste of the style in which the exhibition followed. Why should we expect any different, this is Chanel after all? Everything felt very clean, crisp and contemporary but with a very elegant atmosphere.

Gabrielle Chanel
Gabrielle Chanel
Chanel exhibition
Chanel exhibition
tweed Chanel
tweed Chanel

Creativity. The exhibition shows the true creativity behind Chanel, what Gabrielle's thinking was behind her choices and the design elements are explored. Actually, I can't believe how many of these unspoken design elements (totems as they are called by The House of Chanel) we hardly notice, but, are a huge part of the make up of this fashion label. I have a new appreciation for them. The story behind the making of Chanel was very interesting, as a designer, I found her direction quite inspiring. She had a vision and stuck to it. She didn't believe in following the latest fashion but instead she created her trends which are admired and copied and considered a trend in themselves until this day. Travel played an influence fabric choices, particularly, the tweed we see throughout every collection was inspired by her trips to Scotland. The days

Gabrielle Chanel
Gabrielle Chanel

Every room explored her journey, giving little peeks into the path she chose and the decisions she made to create such an iconic fashion house. Through a short film we learned that Gabrielle left very little direction for current creative director Karl Lagerfield, he merely had to use the collections that had been created as a guide for the way in which he should continue, it was inperative that he found a way to interpret the Chanel style for the future. He assumed the role so well. This is clearly what he was born to do.

Chanel exhibition Saatchi Gallery
Chanel exhibition Saatchi Gallery

Every detail down to the floors beautifully represented Chanel. Every room was an adventure, full of textures, smells, small touches to awaken the senses.

Chanel exhibition Saatchi Gallery London
Chanel exhibition Saatchi Gallery London
Chanel Handbag
Chanel Handbag
Mademoiselle Prive Saatchi Gallery
Mademoiselle Prive Saatchi Gallery

My love affair with Chanel has only heightened. It's left me appreciating the brand even more, wanting more, now i'm off to raid my savings account and pester the other half.

The exhibition is free open from 10am-6pm everyday until November 1 2015 - website here

Front Doors in Colour


Sometimes we all need a little inspiration so I thought I would start to share the sorts of things that inspire me each day.

I would love to live in one of these candy coloured chocolate box houses. Until then I'm going to obsess over their vibrant front doors and contrasting painted render and distinctive door knockers. Anything goes and somehow any bright or pastel combinations work. It's all in experimenting with clashing colours. Naturally these houses work best with an adorable typically English garden to compliment, preferably with strongly scented roses for added effect.

Cute little roads with rows of coloured houses seem to attract me like a magnet. The atmosphere and backdrop they create adds depth and playfulness to a neighbourhood. Perhaps this is one of the many reasons I have come to adore Notting Hill. Even on the dullest of days a stroll down Portobello Road and the rest of the neighbourhood lifts my spirits. Portobello is the road I will casually stroll down if I'm having creative block or just want some added inspiration for a project or collection I'm working on.

I often wonder whether the colours the owners choose reflect their personality and confidence in life. What do you think? It doesn't stop at the colours. Knockers and various studding add to the personality and overall style of the door.



pretty purple house covered in white roses

pretty purple house covered in white roses

Vibrant red front door with a contrasting choice of blue render. Strong and bold.

Vibrant red front door with a contrasting choice of blue render. Strong and bold.

Delicate pastel pink front door with matching render. Soft and elegant.

Delicate pastel pink front door with matching render. Soft and elegant.

Clashing colours. So wrong on paper but so eclectic on Portobello Road.

Clashing colours. So wrong on paper but so eclectic on Portobello Road.



Personally, I'd love a candy coloured render, maybe a pink or peach with a coral or turquoise door. What colours would you choose?

Favourite Summer Flats

I love flat! Ask me that 3 years ago and I would have had a totally different opinion. Motherhood is definitely responsible for my change of heart! Hope you love my 2 favourite summer flats for this season as much as I do. My favourite of the 2 favourites has to be the nude beaded flats. The neon and metallic beading really make the shoes pop and add a bit of boho chic style to simple outfits. They were a such a steal in the sale from freepeople.

Everyone needs a little bit of sparkle in their life and these black flats are definitely mine! These were bought at the end of the winter season, they're great for simply running errands or they can easily take me to a work meeting.

Happy Friday!




20130616-160606.jpg [dot_recommends]

Mummy Loves...Boho Chic

I'm definitely a self confessed Pinterest addict. It's just so addictive. I use it to create moodboards when I'm designing a new collection or looking for inspiration at home or fashion styling for myself. At the moment I'm loving the boho chic look. Why I love this look; it's probably the way this look relays on heavily mixing textures of fabrics and print design. It also allows you to be free and nothing should be too perfect but feel very feminine and freespirited.

I've spent the last few days hooked on Pinterest having fun which this. Here are a few of my favourite boho chic pins:

I'd love to have you follow me on my Pinterest journey, for those of you who haven't already joined let me warn you, it's soooo addictive!

Follow Mummy Gorgeous on Pinterest: username: WithLoveBaby

Who else loves the boho chic look?













Welcome To My New Neighbourhood


I cant tell you all how sorry I am that my blog posts have been virtually not existent over the last 6 weeks. I completely underestimated the strength I would need moving house with a toddler! One thing's for sure, I've learnt a lot....I now know that however much stuff you think your house stores times this by three! However long you think it may take to pack up your home times this by three and you will probably be three times more tired than you can ever imagine so saving some extra money for after the move so that you can book into a 5 star spa for a week is probably not a bad idea.

Staying at my mums until our new house was vacant was not easy as she is 100 miles from London, Gabriella loved having time with her Nana though so it was worth all the travelling for her to spend quality time with her.

Thankfully, we love our new home. Its an exciting space with beautiful high ceilings, patio doors which open out to a beautifully mature garden which we all know in London outside space is like gold dust. It certainly feels like a more grown up house in a grown up area. Most importantly I feel inspired in the space, lets face it for a creative it's essential.

My goodness I was not impressed with the 11 years worth of dirt left by the previous tenants, I'm completely disgusted that people live like that. I'm not making excuses but weeks of cleaning have contributed to my delayed blog posts! Anyway, the neighbourhood is just beautiful, with stunning tree lined streets and traditional red brick houses, draping wisteria here and there, blossom and magnolia everywhere, lots of traditional English Pubs and Ive swapped Hyde Park for Primrose Hill and Regents Park. I'm glad that Hampstead is so pretty because I have to say I was a little bit apprehensive about moving here as I've always been a West London girl. There's still lots to explore in Hampsted and I'm enjoying this new chapter in life. Any tips for places to go in Hampstead will be muchly appreciated!






For the Love of Fabric

One of the most exciting and interesting parts of my role as a designer is fabric. It still amazes me how fabric choice can transform a garment and bring it to life. I also love that the same garment can have a completely new identity by just recreating it in a different fabric whether it be a completely different textured fabric or just a different print. Using vintage garment patterns with a contemporary fabric or printed fabric can bring a garment into this century but keeping all the traditional design elements we so love. On the other side of the coin using more tradional fabrics and prints with a contemporary cut garment can give an equally comforting yet stylish look. This is particularly true of children swear but works well with womenswear too. I've been doing lots of fabric shopping lately for some of my up and coming childrenswear collections for my childrenswear brand With Love Baby. If i'm looking for new and unique fabrics I will spend a very long afternoon in Shepherds Bush, West London on Goldhawk Road. My 3 favourite fabric shops are A1 Fabric which is a firm favourite of LCF students, Fabric House and Classic Fabrics.



Some of our Easter

Easter has been a much needed break for me and my family but especially me. Lately, I've been more than exhausted. Quality time at home celebrating Easter has put a smile back on my face. Apart from a trip to church on Sunday morning we didn't leave home this holiday, long mornings in pyjamas and afternoons eating Easter's been a lovely contrast to life lately. Putting together an Easter basket for Gabriella was so fun, I made lots of special treats for her. We made a lovely mezze lunch on Sunday afternoon before a huge tradtional roast in the evening. We even had a little Easter bunny running around the house! 20130401-122630.jpg




























Mummy Loves...Easter

I love Easter...I'm so excited that it's around the corner. Looking out at the beautiful blossoms on the trees, daffodils on my desk and longer days starting to emerge, Easter is definitely in the air. Easter is not only about eating Easter Eggs until we feel sick but most importantly spending it with family. To get me inspired I've found some great inspirations for Easter on Pinterest. I'm a self confessed Pinterest addict! I would love you to join me on my Pinterest journey. Pinterest Username: withlovebaby

I love the bunny ears, I'm so going to make some for Gabriella!








A Few Days in Lourdes, France

Desperate for a break and to find a little clarity it was perfect timing when one of my dear friends asked me if would like to accompany her on a short trip to Lourdes in France. Naturally I was a bit hesitant at leaving Gabriella for the first time but after thinking about it she was being left in great hands...with her daddy. When I was a little girl I distinctly remember a bottle of holy water which lived on our mantle piece, always knowing that Lourdes is a very special place not only to Christians but anyone with faith or curiosity of faith, it's somewhere I knew I must visit once in my lifetime.

A small and humble town, Lourdes is Nestled in the hills with views of the Pyrenees mountains. It was beautiful to see that the town has been kept as true to the way it was centuries ago with little commercial influence. I loved the cobbled streets and hilly roads, albeit hard on the legs and the typically French architecture. It's hard to explain but Lourdes has an indescribable silence although there are lots of tourist around there is not a sound to be heard apart from singing birds, I've never experienced such a peaceful place, so tranquil and calming.

Lighting a candle in Lourdes for my family and all the people in my life was a moment I will treasure forever.

























Mummy Loves...Flower Shop at Liberty, London


When it comes to flowers and department stores, Liberty London's offerings are truly stunning. I love their displays and the very British and slightly vintage styling particularly with the feel to their pots, vases and garden ornaments. It's gaurenteed that you will find the perfect selection of seasonal flowers. Flowers too beautiful not to photograph and share with my readers. I hope you agree?