Summer Pantone Green Flash 15-0146 | Children's Fashion


It's an absolute must that the girls love what they wear or at least like it and feel comfortable wearing an outfit. After all, fashion and the way we dress is an extension of our personalities and helps to develop confidence in who we are. That's not to say that I don't on occasion steer them in the right direction or talk them out of the odd hideous choice.  Just like little magpies they were drawn to this statement green together, so how could I resist and pass up an opportunity for a little matchy matchy styling?

One of this season's most fashionable colours is green flash pantone 15-0146. It's very much like an emerald green. It isn't a colour I or the girls would usually chose but a little experimenting is always fun. Sometimes photos just cannot capture the beauty of a  colour and it has to be seen with the naked eye for absolute appreciation. Green flash is one of those colours. In person it looks unexpectedly very sofisticated and stylish. In my opinion the sofistication is enhanced in pieces which are cut very well with a couture feel. Lucia's dress in this colour is the perfect cut to show off this beautiful, bold colour.

green flash pantone 15-0146

Lucia Wear:

Dress - Cos

Gabriella Wears:

T-shirt - Cos