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ralph lauren girls dress

Spending our afternoons taking a stroll through the park to the museums is what we have been occupying our afternoons with over the summer. It's the most blissful trip from start to finish, the journey on our way there is just as lovely as our time spent in the museums.

sporty girls dress
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Prince Albert Statue Hyde Park

I'm personally really liking sporty dress for Gabriella at the moment. She's a Tom boy for sure. Yes, she loves to dress up but she loves nothing more than a rough and tumble, making mud pies, climbing trees and anything else you may associate with tom boys. With this in mind you can only imagine the countless clothes we have shredded over the years. This sporty dress she wears is made from polo fabric, designed to take a little wear and tear but still super stylish. They are classic and never date. Good enough for a playdate but comfy enough to play sports in and just right for an afternoon at the science museum.

ralph lauren dress

Gabriella Wears:

Dress - Ralph Lauren

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