Sketch: Afternoon Tea


I've been waiting to introduce Gabriella to afternoon tea for some time, it's one of my favourite British traditions that I hope we can enjoy together over the years. What better place to have her first Afternoon tea! Sketch is one of my all time favourite places to dine and hang out in London. I probably spent way too much time here pre-children! At Sketch afternoon tea is served with a very Alice in wonderland feel. It's the combination of a very atmospheric, interesting, fun and colourful venue, waitresses in Alice in wonderland inspired uniforms and an eclectic array of to die for chinaware and most importantly beautifully presented afternoon tea.




Fear not, Sketch is surprisingly child-friendly particularly at weekends. it's best to book, we didn't and waited for 10-15 mins for a table. We were sat in the parlour which if you booked you would have the option of choosing from some of their other rooms. All are stunning and totally unique which means visits do not get boring, just change rooms for a different backdrop. With children I would advise the Parlour or the Glade both rooms have more of a slightly informal feel which is just what you need when eating out with unpredictable ones! We sighed with relief when there was another family with 3 children of the same age group as ours already sat close-by. You know that feeling, for some reason it instantly takes the pressure off. Have you spotted the sleeping baby (Lucia) next to me on the sofa? Yes, that's right, Lucia practically slept through it all only waking near the end to sample a little of the tasty goodies. Couldn't have asked for more! I had a very enjoyable experience. It's always iffy taking a nearly 1 year old out to eat expecting them to keep still at a time when all they want to do is explore and learn new things.








The variety of little sweet and savoury sandwiches, cakes and patisseries makes afternoon tea very enjoyable for Gabriella. There's not too much of any one thing, no opportunity for little ones to get bored of their meal. We literally had to fight to get a look in!

Oh and guess what was one of Gabriella's favourite parts of Sketch? Going to the toilet! Who can blame her, I've always loved making a trip to the amazing pod toilets. It's an experience in itself, and the perfect place to take a bathroom selfie!