Travel Edit | Santorini, Greek Islands

Santorini with kids

Behind the Madness

There was a dream that had to be lived.

I will stay true to myself. I will explore. I will learn. I will achieve. I will do these things alongside having children. That was my promise to myself. That is the one I am keeping. And, that is why we chose Santorini.

Booked with optimistism. Sure. But I know my children. I knew they would be able to ‘cope’ with such a grown up place. Perhaps a destination that should have been on the pre-children bucket list. It was. I just didn’t quite make it!

Always filled with a sense of adventure. Defying the laws of ‘what’s expected’ excites my soul. Being true to my inner free-spirit is what makes me truly happy. It makes my journey through motherhood and their journey through childhood fully rewarding, fulfilling and utterly creative. We have created the most beautiful memories living this way.

Encapsulated from the moment I woke up. Views that are worthy of a postcard. That was the magic this island has to share with you. From every angle your eyes are met with a moment that takes your breath away. A moment you desperately would like to capture and store in a bottle for those dreary times in life to remind you how beautiful the world really is.


And…We celebrated a birthday!


Completely special. Tying a milestone to this precious place. A fond memory treasured forever.

Celebrating an ocassion whilst on an adventure makes it stress free. The adventure takes the strain. Less expectations of ourselves and more expectation for the stunning surroundings and backdrop to do the work for us. The only effort required is a meander to a local bakery to collect the most fabulous cake they have fit for a celebration.

Im sure awaking to that view and being sung happy birthday and enjoying a slice of cake in front of it will sit beautifully in her mind for the rest of her life.

Santorini boat trip