Perfect Natural Nail Polishes

20140601-222604.jpg I've always admired effortless natural looking nails, you know, the ones that leave you wondering whether they've been manicured or not!

Since I've got a 6 week old baby I've hardly any time to do the basics let alone fix chipped nails. My goodness, my nails have seen better days, with a baby who is taking all my nutrients, my pinkies definitely need a little help looking naturally perfect.

If you're like me and don't have time to book in a regular manicure or even be sure when you can take off your old polish then natural colours are the way forward, they hide a multiple if sin and the odd chip are hardly noticeable.

My favourite natural coloured nail polishes are Essie in Allure - the perfect creamy natural colour, flat with no shimmer, OPI in Passion - for that perfect healthy natural pink, flat with no shimmer...Also great for hiding any imperfections as a little less sheer than some others and Essie in mademoiselle - a sheer natural pink colour, no shimmer.

Oh and by the way, these colours look great in a French manicure.

Happy Monday!