Mummy Loves...Graze

One of the perks of being pregnant is being able to indulge in a little extra food than normal. As much as this is a welcome bonus ive found it can become exhausting to think about what to snack on and being bothered to keep getting up to make healthy snacks to avoid the easy temptation of choccie biscuits and crisps. Don't you just hate those low blood sugar moments? I find that I can be fine one moment then the next I'm like a wild woman who's not seen food before! This happens at home and when I'm out and takes me by complete surprise...every time.

I've found the perfect solution...Graze! They provide the ultimate healthy and delicious snack box fit for anyone...they even do one for specially for children which Gabriella loves and gets so excited over every Monday morning when her special box with her name printed on is delivered. It's nice to know that all their snacks have no nasties yet are totally delicious. What's have the opportunity to rate or slate the snacks they've sent you each week since they send out a random 4 snacks in each box. If you dislike them, tell them. How? Easy peasy, just go to your online account tell them in advance if there's stuff you know you don't like or if your not sure try them and let them know if there are ones you don't like. You can also browse all their offerings and tell them what you love in advance and what you'd like to receive soon. It all adds to the fun and excitement of the brand.

In each box they provide 4 snack compartments in a lovely letterbox sized box that is delivered straight to your front door on a day of your choice and they can be ordered as a one-off or on regular order. I order one for myself and one for Gabriella each week on a Monday. What's great is the snack compartments can be opened individually and you can even pop one in your handbag for those desperate moments when your out.

At £3.89 per box delivered to your door it Graze comes highly recommended by Mummy Gorgeous.

What have been your favourite pregnancy snacks?

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