Moving to Another Hill!


84ac39204da974dfa4f09a4ed64dc8fdIt's been a little quiet from me over the last week or so. Not only am I about to launch a business I'm now in the middle of moving house. There just never seems to be a dull moment in my life lately. With 6 days to pack, move and find a new home with a 19 month old baby in tow its been more than stressful but I've completely surprised myself and risen to the challenge! We have found a lovely new place, its definitely a more grown up family space with fabulous high ceilings and wait for it...a garden...Yes, a garden! What a luxury in London. Now that everything is packed and in storage there's just under 2 weeks until we move in. Temporarily staying at my Mums is lovely but i'm so ready to be back in my own house again. My nerves are on end worrying about what Gabriella might destroy next along dirty fingers on the walls. Sometimes I think our parents forget how difficult it is for things to stay pristine when you have a toddler.

Ive forgotten to share the biggest change about the move...I'm moving to Primrose Hill! Being such a Notting Hill girl at heart I wonder how I'm going to adapt to the change?? I know it's only down the road but I do feel a bit anxious. Luckily we will have Primrose Hill within a 5 minute walk, I'm going to embrace the change and look forward to exploring all my local spots, which of course I will be sharing with you very soon.

Please forgive me if I'm a little quiet over the next few weeks but I will be back in full force once I'm all settled.