Gabriella's Style: 3 Cardigan Favourites


20130308-173906.jpg Cardigans are the handiest, tran-seasonal piece of clothing in a child's wardrobe. I always feel that I Gabriella can never have too many, they definitely get more wear than any of her other garments, maybe this is because a cardigan can be thrown over any outfit. We've seen a few nice sunny days lately, it's been lovely that some of Gabriella's statement pieces have not been hidden by her coat.


Gabriella may be only 18 months but she's definitely developing her own little style. Whatever she loves and becomes fascinated with is usually very brightly coloured or sparkly. I pulled out all of her cardigans and let her chose which she wanted me show you. She was very decisive, she strategically grabbed an armful, her favourites...and yes they were bright and sparkly! Gabriella has spent the afternoon dragging her three favourite pieces around the lounge and treading all over them, apparently treating them like a toy is a clear indication that these are her favourites!








Gold Cardigan, ilovegorgeous Coral and Pink Cardigan, Bonnie Baby Red Cardigan Primark