May I Introduce...With Love Baby


Exciting times are ahead. I'm enjoying extending my nurturing nature to grow my business. It's a challenge, particularly when it comes to managing my time between motherhood and business woman but the fact that being creative is my passion makes it all that much easier. It feels so satisfying that I'm finally able to embrace all my dreams, a career as a designer, business owner and its lovely to be able to engage Gabriella in the process. She is always at the forefront of my mind when I'm thinking about or designing our collections at With Love Baby.

I started my working life as a PA and in client relations in wealth management. I liked what I did but never really loved what I did. I yearned to use my creativity, I had no time for a hobby with such long working hours. I love fashion and I guess over the years I used it as a way to express my creativity.

Falling pregnant was such a blessing, the best thing that could have happened to me. I made a very brave decision to not work through my pregnancy, it was a time I wanted to enjoy and embrace. I knew it was the last time I would spend on my own for a long time. I planned to stay at home until my daughter was at school before returning to work.

I found shopping and preparing for my little bundle of joy almost a creative project. It was exciting, trawling through the Internet looking at clothes for her. Everything I loved was extremely expensive. I wanted good quality, practical and stylish clothes for her at an affordable price. I really struggled to find what I wanted and found that I had to compromise the style I desired.

In my eyes children's clothes should be the perfect mix of traditional and contemporary. Beautiful hand crafted prints with very classic and traditional silhouettes.

The more I researched the more I found a gap in the market. Immediately I knew I wanted to be the one to fill this gap in the market, it was the perfect chance to use my creativity, set up my own business and make a difference.

Once Gabriella was born I started sketching and creating mood boards of my inspirations between feeding and caring for her. Everything grew very quickly and naturally. I worked with a designer, pattern cutter and print designer to bring my ideas to life and an amazing brand consultant to bring the brand to reality.

With Love Baby was born.

With Love Baby offers boutique childrenswear at a price which is accessible for everyone. Every attention to detail is taken throughout, we design clothes that hold the perfect balance of style and practicality. Our prints are just beautiful! Not only are they unique they have a timeless yet playful feel. All are lovingly designed in house by our design team.

Having a business which allows me to push my creativities to the limit feels like bliss every day.


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