Life Lately


I'm so over this weather! Sick of being sick, my darling little Gabriella likes to bring home a wonderful array of colds, bugs and sickness (luckily we have avoided the latest headline epidemic!). We are all bored of being sick and its just too cold to get out of the house and do all the things we usually enjoy doing. To be honest we could all do with a holiday somewhere hot where we can be pampered and temporarily forget this fabulous British winter. I know i've said it before but I just can't believe how busy life is with 2 children. Everything I've been working so hard for has sort of stagnated whilst I play resident nurse to 2 toddlers (not to mention my very new workout routine which has already taken a backseat). Yes, new workout routine! I breastfed Lucia until she was 8 months old, for me vanity doesn't come into my world whilst i'm nurturing a newborn. The quality of my milk was far more important than coveting and wearing the latest looks. Lucia is now no longer my newborn anymore. I've given my body a break and started to eat a little more healthily. Now, I want to get back into my skinny jeans. At the moment I just look at them knowing it will probably be very difficult to get them over my ankles let alone the calves and the thighs! Frustrated with carrying around the extra 20+lbs of baby weight I decided to finally do something about it, just getting into that mindset was a challenge in itself and actually starting felt like the biggest achievement but 1.5 weeks in (yes only 1.5 weeks) and I'm literally stopped in my tracks. I caught Gabriella's cold. That was 2 weeks ago. And, I'm still ill.

There are lots of things in the pipeline and apart from sickness and cold weather life is very exciting.

Yesterday, I received a great big delivery from TNT containing the long overdue and much anticipated arrival of my fabric for my children's nightwear brand 'We Count Sheep'. I have to say the prints look amazing. Watch this space as the brand now comes to life. I've also been working on a baby product review site, please do have a look and upload your favourite products to be reviewed by the world. You can also search the existing database of products and submit your reviews on the products. Please be aware the site has not yet officially launched so it is a working progress, there are lots of things still to be done!

I would love to say i'm off to pack to go skiing with the family over the half term but no such luck, one can only dream…I have work to do!