Late Afternoon Visit to The Museum of Childhood

Who could believe a seemingly blissful day on paper can so easily turn into something of a little chaos, a lot of whinging sprinkled with some teething. Although I didn't initially have a completely free day,  when my meeting with the seamstress needed to be rearranged I thought how wonderful to have an afternoon to potter around doing nothing much. Clearly it was turning into 'one of those days'! The lunch I made for Gabriella wasn't right, the sandwiches were not cheese pasta, the apples were apparently sour (as sweet as can be according to my tastebuds!) and the piles of Easter eggs was all that she wanted.

IMG_5247 IMG_5223 IMG_5216 IMG_5221

A change of scene is the only cure for days like this. We spontaneously jumped into the car and drove to Bethnal Green to The Museum of Childhood for an hour. It's a wonderful space for the children to explore, no need to worry if they play up, it's The Museum of Childhood after all! Both Lucia and Gabriella enjoyed the afternoon. It's just as stimulating for the little ones, theres lots of sense and light activities and things for them to touch and feel. I had the chance to show Gabriella and Lucia the toys I played with and had at home in the 80's.


I've been trying to postpone my visit until the Alice in Wonderland exhibition in May, but we shall return. It was for sure the perfect remedy and we ended the day on a positive note. What more can one ask for?!