I love you two

20140610-114113.jpg Wow, isn't it different being a mother to two?!

I most definitely feel that someone wants a piece of me at all times. That's the hardest part, trying to make sure I give time to everyone in the family as equally as possible. For me, that's a constant battle. Having a newborn baby who needs me and should have me for everything short of breathing and a toddler who has been the centre of my world for the best part of 2.5 years as much as Gabriella is very independent she needs lots of emotional reassurance. What a time for the terrible twos to make an appearance, yes, right after Lucia was born! I've been blessed with Lucia, she's a pretty fab night time sleeper so it was not the newborn keeping me awake but Gabriella throwing all sorts of tantrums at 2am...needless to say I was not a happy Mama.

It was hard for Gabriella to adjust to having a little sister at home. She loved having a little sister but hated sharing me. Giving her special 'Gabriella' time on her own helped although I would say time is the biggest healer, it does get better 8 weeks later we are back to normal.

Looking back I think we were partly to blame we were totally overcompensating by letting Gabriella get away with lots of things we would normally have not allowed partly because we were very tired but mainly because we didn't want to be hard on her with the arrival of her little sister

My biggest fear of becoming a mother to two whilst I was pregnant was not being able to have enough love for the both of them or actually not loving them the same. This worry stayed with me until the moment I held Lucia in my arms and when Gabriella arrived at the birth centre and I saw them together for the first time my love for them grew to a whole other level.

Did I think being a mother could be anymore fulfilling before having Lucia? No...but being a mama to two fulfils me in so many more ways. They absolutely melt my heart.