Gabriella's Style: Stripes on Stripes

Style blog UK - Stripes Classic and always fresh and known as the neutral print. Stripes are if ever in doubt seemingly acceptable for almost any occasion. Relaxed enough to wear to the park, smart enough to wear to a party or an event and everything else in between. Lets face it there is nothing more classic and chic than Breton Stripes on a child or anybody in fact. How do stripes do that?! If fashion scared me I would probably dress my children in stripes everyday, adorable and chic, how can you go wrong?

I absolutely love this text on the back of the t-shirt Style Blog UK

Gabriella has always loved stripes she calls them stripeys. For the summer we found a red and white striped Tshirt which I found very entertaining. Paired with the perfect striped denim shorts and a pair of silver Birkenstocks, it makes a perfect summer outfit.

Shorts - Gap (here) t-shirt - Gap (sale item/sold out)