Disney Pop-Up and Harrods


Disney was such a large part of my childhood, I remember in the school holidays if the weather was miserable and we couldn't play outside we would sit and watch beauty and the beast, sleeping beauty, Alice on Wonderland and all the others over and over. Never bored of these classics, I've always hoped that my children would have the same appreciation for them one day. Already she's keen, very keen! She loves Mickey's Clubhouse, The Lion King and Tangled to name a few. Sometimes finding new activities to do can be very trying, I always get excited when I find interesting and cool places to go with Gabriella. It's no wonder I'm a huge fan of this new pop-up culture. Fun places to go that just 'pop-up'!

Needless to say, after reading an article on a pop-up Disney cafe that was going to be in Harrods I counting down the days until I could take Gabriella.

We had so much fun (I emphasise the 'we'!) I was taken back to my childhood not only did I love the Disney Cafe but loved reliving another childhood classic Willy Wonkas Chocolate Factory. Thats where I felt i was when we discovered the sweetie department within the toy department. This is a sweetie store like no other it is truly amazing, exciting and everything a child (or adult in my case) dreams of!