Everlasting Memories #SafestoreYourMemories

#safestore competitionTrasured Memories, heirlooms and nostalgic 'stuff' contribute to the people we are. I was lucky enough to be sent a box by Safestore and have the chance to create a memory capsule.

I'm passionate about creating memories for my girls and have always kept a number of things aside for them over the small number of years they have been on this earth. Not only do I think its nice to have some memories of themselves but also of their family and some of the things that are important to us or part of our lives.

I have chosen a mixture of traditional and then some items that are not so traditional but are relevant to the lives we lead.

The newspapers have been kept from both Gabriella's and Lucia's actual birthday. How fun will it be when they are older to have a read of the world news on the day they were born?! On the day Lucia was born it was all about little Prince George's first steps.


Since i'm a designer and fashion is a big part of my life and very important to me, I've put in copies of Vogue, Harpers Bazaar and House and Garden, will be interesting to see what was in fashion when they were born and how different fashion is when they read it (I've kept the month/year they were born for each of the girls) . Who knows if blogs will exist or be a thing of the past in 30+ years time but they can have a read of this amazing book on the art of blogging, its been my bible to the blog world and the reason i'm a part of this competition.


I love the white lace shawl and just had to include it. It was my shawl that I was brought home from the hospital in when I was born and I have since brought both of my girls home in the very same shawl. I really hope they treasure it as much as I do and bring their babies home in it one day. How nice is it to see the old Mothercare labels (I totally feel vintage!). The two dresses are both their first dresses which I hope they will keep as heirlooms.


We are a creative bunch so I've included some of Gabriella's first masterpieces! She also received her first Valentines card from a boy at school this year that obviously had to be included! She wears a very pretty little red smock (cape) uniform for school, I love her uniform and so does Gabriella so i've put a photo of her painting in her first term wearing it.

And the things that relate to me...Tom Ford lipstick in Pink Dusk (one of my favourites), The wooden box is nostalgic to me it reminds me of a very funny evening in Marbella playing drinking games with Sake served in these cute wooden boxes. The rolled sketches are my very first sketches as a designer, can't bring myself to throw them and I think it will be nice to pull these out in years to come.



1. Blog Inc. blogging book 2. Vogue, Harpers Bazaar, House and Garden Magazines 3. Newspapers from the day both my children were born 4. Sake box cup from Sushi Des Artists, Marbella 5. Mothercare shawl 6. Tom Ford lipstick Pink Dusk 6. (2) Gabriella's first masterpieces and Valentines card, photos 7. The Little White Company Dress 8. Baby Gap Dress 9. Design Sketches

What would you put in your memory capsule?