Discover: Legoland Windsor

Legoland Windsor

Blessed with an Easter baby. 

Lucia turned 3. Excited. Perhaps the most excitement leading up to a birthday, ever. And, this is where she wanted to be. Couldn't be swayed with my endless bribes for a birthday party with friends. No. So, putting putting aside my dream of a 3rd birthday party, I reminded myself that her happiness was all that mattered. It was decided, Legoland it was.

And, just like that we were transported in mind and body. Utterly mesmerised and encapsulated somewhere that our souls yearned to be free and our inner child was released. For a moment we were taken back to our childhood and joined our children at that place in time where they are right now. Just as if we had been transported in a time machine. It was thrilling. It was Amazing. And, it was magical.

 Legoland does that to you.

Wouldn't it be lovely if every birthday filled you with excitement such as this.

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Gabriella wears:

Leggings - H&M kids

Top - TK Maxx (last season)

Trainers - Sports Direct