Diana Memorial Fountains, Hyde Park

IMG_8794 I'm exhausted. Moving house and the summer flu have worn me out. It's been so resfreshing living back in Notting Hill but we have worn ourselves out everyday by taking full advantage of just about everything.

At least summer has finally arrived and it looks like it might just be here to stay for a while or at least a few weeks. How nice is it to find outdoor activities which keep everyone cool and entertain at the same time? Outdoor fountains are what its all about. We have been making regular trips to the Diana Memorial Fountains in Hyde Park. When Gabriella was a baby we used to walk past all the time and on occasion have a dip but now we have Gabriella begging at every opportunity to go to the water fountains.

Icy cool water on the feet feels so good on a hot day, I very often find myself leaving the piles of work to cool off at Gabriella's request. This place is the perfect place to sit and dangle your feet into some water. If you're lucky enough to be on your own sit and read a book whilst you soak up some vitamin D and if you have older children they will happily entertain themselves for hours while you just observe or you could be just like me, have an eager little girl called Lucia who has just learnt to walk and now wants to conquer the world and do it all just like her older sister so I held hands with her whilst she trotted around and around. Of course, like any one year old she would have much preferred to not hold hands and practice all alone. No fear. It was nice that the four of us got to spend a late afternoon there together last week, Glenn and I took it in turns 'Lucia Duty' can get tiring, plus I wanted a moment to people watch and absorb the atmosphere because it really is something.

We easily worked our way through two sets of clothes and still returned home with a naked baby. So, a little advice, pack a swimming costume and a change of clothes and lots of food and drinks because once you are there you'll probably be there for the long haul. And if you are super unorganised like I am most of the time the Lido cafe is about 20 metres away.

eager Lucia wanting to do it all alone! IMG_8765 IMG_8790 Gabriella at Diana Memorial Fountain, Hyde Park IMG_8792 IMG_8723 IMG_8721 IMG_8772