Crepes | Portobello Road

It's Our Thing

Every now and then. We must. We've just got to have it. Nothing else will do. 

Grabbing a roadside crepe off of a street stall is something that we love to do. Not any street stall. Has to be a Portobello street stall. So satisfy. So necessary. Hit's the spot like nothing else in that moment.

It's not just the crepe, but everything surrounding the crepe. The 10 minute walk along Westbourne Grove from home. Turning right onto Portobello right after having a quick glance to our left to catch the infamous rainbow coloured houses above the shops on Portobello. Experiencing that complete rush of inspiration as we scurry past the antique stalls and shops. Touching the crowds of tourists as we go. Waiting our turn and deciding in our minds what filling takes our fancy. Being pleasure and totally engrossed as we watch our crepes being made. Excitedly we almost always head to our right and decide which colour house and it's steps we want to sit on. Then, we savour our surroundings. We savour the moment.

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Gabriella Wears:

Top: Zara Kids

Jeans: Zara Kids