Chanel Exhibition London: Mademoiselle Prive

Chanel exhibition London Chanel is all about elegance. The house of Chanel oozes Parisian sophistication and timeless style. I know my wardrobe needs more Chanel nestled between the rails. The day I am able to do so cannot come soon enough. I appreciate nothing more than a high quality, everlasting, capsule wardrobe. A few Chanel pieces should be in every woman's wardrobe, budget permitting or not. My ideal pieces would be two tweed jackets, a handful of bags and at least two little black dresses. I could think of nothing better than to revel in everything Chanel for an afternoon. From anyone who knows of Chanel, to those who lust after every piece (which is me, by the way) to the ones who own an array of pieces should go and see the Mademoiselle Prive exhibition thats currently on at the Saatchi Gallery in Sloane Square.

Chanel Exhibition Saatchi Gallery

Chanel exhibition london

There are queues, but, for some reason when you are waiting for a Chanel exhibition time seemed to pass far quicker than it actually did. The large monochrome printed boards of Gabrielle Chanel outside was just a taste of the style in which the exhibition followed. Why should we expect any different, this is Chanel after all? Everything felt very clean, crisp and contemporary but with a very elegant atmosphere.

Gabrielle Chanel

Chanel exhibition

tweed Chanel

Creativity. The exhibition shows the true creativity behind Chanel, what Gabrielle's thinking was behind her choices and the design elements are explored. Actually, I can't believe how many of these unspoken design elements (totems as they are called by The House of Chanel) we hardly notice, but, are a huge part of the make up of this fashion label. I have a new appreciation for them. The story behind the making of Chanel was very interesting, as a designer, I found her direction quite inspiring. She had a vision and stuck to it. She didn't believe in following the latest fashion but instead she created her trends which are admired and copied and considered a trend in themselves until this day. Travel played an influence fabric choices, particularly, the tweed we see throughout every collection was inspired by her trips to Scotland. The days

Gabrielle Chanel

Every room explored her journey, giving little peeks into the path she chose and the decisions she made to create such an iconic fashion house. Through a short film we learned that Gabrielle left very little direction for current creative director Karl Lagerfield, he merely had to use the collections that had been created as a guide for the way in which he should continue, it was inperative that he found a way to interpret the Chanel style for the future. He assumed the role so well. This is clearly what he was born to do.

Chanel exhibition Saatchi Gallery

Every detail down to the floors beautifully represented Chanel. Every room was an adventure, full of textures, smells, small touches to awaken the senses.

Chanel exhibition Saatchi Gallery London

Chanel Handbag

Mademoiselle Prive Saatchi Gallery

My love affair with Chanel has only heightened. It's left me appreciating the brand even more, wanting more, now i'm off to raid my savings account and pester the other half.

The exhibition is free open from 10am-6pm everyday until November 1 2015 - website here