Celebrating Disney's Cinderella Movie #cinderellaexhibition

Cinderella exhibition cover We feel very lucky that we had the opportunity to go to the Cinderella Exhibition in Leicester Square today. One of the first things I want to tell you is that it's only on for 7 days, I highly recommend visiting, I'm sure you will not be disappointed. I certainly wasn't. Described as a modern day re-make of this classic movie we all grew up with, the exhibition was magical in every way. Perhaps it was because I didn't have any expectations, I don't like to do this as I have been a little disappointed in the past with events that have been surrounded with lots of hype and lets be honest it's hard to re-live that magical feeling we had as children watching Disney classics.









Gabriella was super excited and loved the exhibition from start to finish(quite an achievement at 3 years old). What kept her entertained? It was interactive and very visually stimulating. We had no complaints from little Lucia either, she loved the pretty pumpkin carriage which was lit by stunning lights forming a walk-through to the ballroom which showcased the intricate ball gowns worn by all the princess from around the world. Seeing all the props and costumes in real life displays the vast amount of workmanship that has gone into creating the magic. Cinderella's dress was of course the star of the exhibition, dripping in sparkling Swarovski crystals. It's dazzling. Oh, and the glass slipper made from pure Swarovski crystal, there are no words to describe. It must be seen.




At the end of the exhibition there is a very high-tech interative shoe fitting, the staff email a photo of your trying on the magic slipper which miraculously fits your foot perfectly. Princess Gabriella tried on the slipper and like magic it fitted her just right!



The exhibition is free, no need to book but you can if want. There is a little bit of a queue but who cares, theres always great street entertainment to keep you entertained whilst you wait in Leicester Square.