Old Spitalfields Market with the Family

Family Blog - Spitalfields Market

I'm ashamed to say that we haven't yet been to Spitalfields Market as a family. Partly because it's East London and partly because I have Portobello Road and Camden Market on my doorstep. Bad? I know. We fancied doing something relaxed and laidback so I thought where else to experience that than East London. Much of East London is not really forthcoming in promoting themselves as child-friendly. Shame, there's so many too-cool-for-children restaurants I would like to try. Spitalfields is one of the places I feel quite comfortable with the children in East London. The vibe is quite a mix, tourists Vs East London Cool along with quite a few local families. I'd forgotten what unique fashion finds can be found. Gabriella and I had a little girly time, time for just a wander and well of course she used it as the perfect opportunity to ask me so many questions about everything. 'Why do cars not drive on the pavement?' 'Why does there have to be cars?' 'Why is there night?' 'Why does Lucia sleep in the day?' 'Why are the birdies inside the market?' You get the picture?! Among the questions we managed to sneak into a few shops and stalls whilst Glenn and Lucia went to check out the food offerings.

There were so many tempting foodstalls it would have been rude not to indulge! We opted for delicious sugar-free strawberry and apricot tarts after trying Egyptian street food. Yum.

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