Better Late Than Never - Hyde Park and Ham Yard Hotel Restaurant

The end of 2014 was very hectic. Preparing for Christmas, Glenn's birthday and lots of pre-Christmas social shinanigans. Blogging suffered a little. I sort of archived some fun photos but i've decided some things are better late than neverand I've just got to share!

Hyde Park has that nostalgic feeling for us. It was the park at the end of my road for most of my adult life, the first place I took Gabriella for a walk and where we spent almost everyday up until Gabriella was 2. Who can blame Gabriella foe loving it too?! It does have the most amazing adventure park which is so interactive for all ages. What a shame you're only allowed in with kids! (but what great security for our family).

IMG_2819 IMG_2838 IMG_2865 IMG_2844 IMG_2845 IMG_2846 IMG_2864 Curiosity at the old drinking fountains in Kensington Gardens IMG_2879 IMG_2852 IMG_2912 IMG_2909IMG_2882IMG_2924

We just love to eat out. I'd heard lots of great things about about Ham Yard Hotel and how welcoming it is for families and children so I booked for us to go for Glenn's birthday. I just loved the eclectic style of the hotel's decor, it was unpretentiously cool, its definitely a place you want to just chill (wish we could have stayed the night or 10!). Food was great, as was the service and the children's packs were amazing, by far the best of what I have encountered so far.

IMG_7200IMG_7209 IMG_7213 Ham Yard's stunning eclectic decor IMG_7220 IMG_7222 IMG_7240 IMG_7228 Celebrating Glenn's birthday with pulling a cracker! IMG_7268 IMG_7238 THE most Stunning gingerbread house I have ever seen AND in the most wonderful setting IMG_7276