Bank Holiday Monday at Sensational Butterflies Exhibition at The Natural History Museum

IMG_6391 More than we expected in every way and so deserving of it's title. Sensational Butterflies at The Natural History Museum was just that, Sensational! We'd had such a busy bank holiday that we wanted to do something short and sweet but worthy of that last bank holiday afternoon.

For as long as I can remember I've always been attracted to butterflies, I collect all sorts of beautiful things with butterflies on them. I'm not sure what the attraction is, perhaps its their pretty unique markings, the colours and their tranquil nature.

Anything to do with butterflies and i'm there to check it out. We've been to many butterfly houses and this is definitely the winner so far. Set in the lawns in front of The Natural History Museum it's so much quieter than the bustle inside the museum, there's plenty of space on the lawns for a picnic but do not fear there are snack vans on the lawns for those that are not prepared on this occasion that was me!

IMG_6411 That tree trunk behind us is older than the dinosaurs, amazing. IMG_6418

There is such an array of butterflies, little ones, huge ones and so many exotic beauties to admire. The environment was just as stunning and well kept as the butterflies themselves which is just so reassuring to see. The staff are amazing, they are happy to show the little ones where the caterpillars hide out under the leaves and answer any questions they may have. Gabriella was given a card to stamp the process of caterpillars evolving into butterflies, she loved this as stamping is one of her favourite past times at the moment.

IMG_6498 IMG_6440 IMG_6627 IMG_6618

We had a very special moment, one of the giant blue butterflies landed on Lucia to hang out for a few moments this really impressed Gabriella but she was so disappointed a butterfly didn't land on her! Wriggly three and a half year olds are not their prime target for landing on, but to save the tears I've promised to take her back to see if we can catch a kodak moment for her with a butterfly.

IMG_6602 Lucky Lucia made the perfect landing place for this giant blue butterfly! IMG_6462 IMG_6700 IMG_6507 IMG_6604 IMG_6632

We finished our afternoon by munching on crepes and ice-cream at Kensington Creperie just a 2 minute walk away, the long queue out of the door was worth the wait they were delicious!

IMG_6755 IMG_6746 IMG_6752