Celebrating Disney's Into the Woods With a Spot of Baking With Maria


I love my job or should I say jobs! They say you never work a day in your life if you love what you do. That's me. Don't get me wrong there are moments where things are trying but all in all I love what I do. One of the main things I love about my blog is that I get to meet the most amazing people and that more often than not they leave a very positive mark on my life. Running a blog presents many opportunities which usually fall outside the 'norm' for what you would find me doing on an average day. That's great, because I love to try new things, explore and learn new skills.

This Monday morning I was invited to bake with Maria Mayerhofer master baker, in St. John's Wood to celebrate the launch of Disneys Into the Woods movie. Maria is more than amazing, accommodating and very inspiring. There is such a warm family feel to her baking lab and it feels more like a home away from home kitchen which immediately puts you at ease. We were greeted by her lovely team who had prepared freshly baked homemade blueberry muffins, pastries, hots drinks and beanstalk juice. What a perfect way to start the day.

To many peoples surprise I love to cook but admittedly when it comes to baking I try my best, but, in my head I have ruled out certain things because of the fear that they are too time consuming and complicated for a busy mother like me.

We had the PERFECT selection of goodies to bake. Everything you expect to be eaten in a traditional fairy tale which went hand in hand with the Into the Woods movie.

We learnt to make overnight rye buns. One dish is all you need, this has to be most mothers dream recipe, there's not much washing up and fiddling around and you really do make the most delicious rustic rolls that go so well with the jam that we made. We also made enriched dough fruit bread which is a bit more time consuming but so worth it, I'm waiting to try this one weekend.

Since the masterclass I now prepared my mixture for the overnight rye bread once the girls are in bed or whilst Gabriella is at school in the afternoon and Lucia is having a nap and leave it to rise in the fridge over night. We bake them in the morning ready for lunch before Gabriella goes to school. It's all very exciting and captivating for Gabriella, watching the bread rise in the oven. And Jam. I mean Jam?! Really, I had no idea that jam could be made that quickly easily with easy to find ingredients. I love the idea of my children eating fresh homemade jam with homemade bread. Can you believe I'm now making fresh batches of jam each week.

Maria has totally inspired me and taught me that you can bake simply and quickly at home using conventional domestic ovens. Over the next week I'm going to post the recipes so that you too can become master home bakers!

Both Gabriella and Lucia lasted quite a way through the into the woods movie and loved the singing. It's going to be watched over and over during the half term.

I cannot recommend Maria and her classes enough, you must take a look at her website and book yourself a class, they are life changing.