Baby Lotions...Three Of My Favourites


It's true, i'm a product lover! I've loved trying lots of different baby products for Gabriella. I'm sharing 3 of my favourite baby lotions with you. The most important thing I've learnt about choosing baby skin are products is it's all in the ingredients. We all know its a bit difficult sometimes to take the extra moment to have a look on the back label of everything we are buying, but actually if at a glance you see any ingredients you have to think about the pronunciation and is difficult to read it's usually a sign that it's not great for you and especially not our children.


The Lowdown: Estelle & Thild

20130328-164725.jpg Texture:

Not too thick but exactly as you would expect a lotion. Be careful a little goes a long way. Too much and it's difficult and takes ages to rub in. Extremely moisturising.

Smell: No smell soft baby smell with this one as no added fragrances but its perfect for a baby's early days and babies smell like babies anyway.

Ingredients: No fragrances, Parabens, Colours, Lanolin, Essential Oils or PEGs. Both Allergy tested and Paediatrician Confirmed. Predominantly oil based cream with the main ingredients being almond oil, sunflower oil and sesame oil. A completely luxury cream.

Price: £20.00

Mummy Gorgeous' Rating: 4/5...A luxury choice, pricey but a little goes a long way.

The Lowdown: Waitrose Baby Solid Coconut Massage Oil

20130328-170832.jpg Texture: Solid, you take a small lump and rub in you hands to warm and it melts into a liquid oil. Probably not ideal to use if your popping your baby into a silk dress but fine for everyday. Slightly oily but good for baby's skin.

Smell: Delicious! The smell is warm and comforting but delicate and not at all over powering.

Ingredients: in a nutshell it consists of coconut oil, vitamin E and vanilla extract. Very pure.

Price: £2.89

Mummy Gorgeous' Rating: 5/5...Affordable luxury and a firm favourite. This is great to use for baby massage when they are young babies.

The Lowdown: Johnsons Naturals Baby Lotion

20130328-171857.jpg Texture: Perfect lotion texture not at all runny, easy to rub in.

Smell: Yummy, you can treasure that baby newborn smell forever.

Ingredients: seems to be things I can't read too easily but rest assured the product is 98% natural with 2% dedicated to preserving the formula and safety.

Price: £2.25

Mummy Gorgeous' Rating: 4/5...I do love this product, it smells so wonderful and is great on my daughter's skin. Highly recommended.

What are your favourite baby lotions and why?