London Gardens, Fenton House

Hampstead, It's always a pleasure to meet. We adore wandering your beautiful rose lined cobbly lanes, each time we are with you we can barely believe you are in London.

We will forever thrive off of the hustle and bustle of living in London. It's an inherent part of us. It keeps us motivated. It keeps us dreaming. But when those moments of being overwhelmed and overworked and perhaps overstimulated hit, we make sure we listen to our souls and escape to a place of sanctuary for a change of scene and to rest our minds.'s the key to a successful, happy life.

That's what I believe at least. Even if for half a day every now and then. We have a growing list of places we go to for a little time out in London. There are tranquil spots in London, they just need to be discovered.

Fenton House transports you back in time to when life was a little less fast paced, enclosed by the most precious walled garden. A small piece of country life in London. How heavenly to spend a late Sunday afternoon playing lawn games as a family and exploring the vegetable garden, apple trees, hanging pears and every other beautiful element of this most wonderful plot. A wander around the house is also such a delight.



hanging pears