Travel Edit | Santorini, Greek Islands
Santorini with kids

Behind the Madness

There was a dream that had to be lived.

I will stay true to myself. I will explore. I will learn. I will achieve. I will do these things alongside having children. That was my promise to myself. That is the one I am keeping. And, that is why we chose Santorini.

Booked with optimistism. Sure. But I know my children. I knew they would be able to ‘cope’ with such a grown up place. Perhaps a destination that should have been on the pre-children bucket list. It was. I just didn’t quite make it!

Always filled with a sense of adventure. Defying the laws of ‘what’s expected’ excites my soul. Being true to my inner free-spirit is what makes me truly happy. It makes my journey through motherhood and their journey through childhood fully rewarding, fulfilling and utterly creative. We have created the most beautiful memories living this way.

Encapsulated from the moment I woke up. Views that are worthy of a postcard. That was the magic this island has to share with you. From every angle your eyes are met with a moment that takes your breath away. A moment you desperately would like to capture and store in a bottle for those dreary times in life to remind you how beautiful the world really is.


And…We celebrated a birthday!


Completely special. Tying a milestone to this precious place. A fond memory treasured forever.

Celebrating an ocassion whilst on an adventure makes it stress free. The adventure takes the strain. Less expectations of ourselves and more expectation for the stunning surroundings and backdrop to do the work for us. The only effort required is a meander to a local bakery to collect the most fabulous cake they have fit for a celebration.

Im sure awaking to that view and being sung happy birthday and enjoying a slice of cake in front of it will sit beautifully in her mind for the rest of her life.

Santorini boat trip
Spending Valentines Day with Children
IMG_3557 3.jpg

Valentines Day. Love, Family, Quality time, appreciation. Those are the words that spring to mind. Not to be seen as a commercial day but as a day to make time to show the ones we love just how special they are and to teach the younger generation just how important it is to show each other just how much we love each other everyday.

Usually, we surround ourselves with giant balloons and embrace the pink and red theme for the day, we gift each other fun activity presents and spend then day hanging out at home baking over the top fairy cakes and make cake pops that we munch on all day and best of all we do it all whilst enjoying each others company. Yes, these things can be done everyday but life gets in the way and besides, theres no excuse to fill the house with giant pink balloons and flowers.

IMG_3529 2.jpg
IMG_3155 2.jpg

In Collaboration with

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Travel Edit | Marrakesh

It excites me. I'm constantly thinking,

'Let's create gorgeous memories with the children in tow'.

To have that yearning to explore, a sense of adventure, an overwhelming desire to see beyond the life we live, I could only wish and dream that my children inherit my traits.

I am made to explore. To wander foreign lands. Experience culture. Hand in hand with my children. I believe we can do it all, I think we can do anything we desire, so we do everything we want. Not one to ponder on whether something will work, I know we will make it work. As a family. Together.

Naturally, travelling can become something of a slight circus act with children, I relax with the thought that it's ok for our trips to take a little longer, with more respite between our meanders, a lot more pit stops which has meant that we have pleasantly stumbled across a number of family friendly cafes and restaurants and some break days inbetween. To me, the juggling act is worth it, because no one can take away those moments you experience together and the sweetest memories you are building. The blocks that will create the most beautiful childhood.


In a thought many would brush off the possibility of an adventure to a very hot, desert like land such as Marrakech. A risk? Maybe. But not for us. Marrakech has always sat very beautifully in my heart, certainly up there as a clear favourite spot in the world. Never previously explored with children though. It didn't disappoint. 

A vibey walled city, completely cultured with only a hint of a westernised lifestyle , busy, quite hectic and full of life.  One can't help but love to flit between getting down with the hustle and bustle one minute and finding little spots to take sanctuary in beautiful hidden oasis', riad restaurants and luxury spas. Im sure if my alter ego was a city it would be Marrakech. In a strange type of way it reminds me of Notting Hill, it just does its own thing pleasing nobody but itself and the ones who love them.

marrakech bahia palace


Discover our favourite Marrakech spots


Marrakesh, Morocco La Jardin Secret

La Jardin Secret

The most stunning secret gardens. Quite spectacular yet simple, landscaped to perfection. A quiet peaceful place to explore. Cactus in all shapes and sizes. A photographers dream and a gardeners delight. Space for the little ones to wander and paths like a maze will keep them entertained.

IMG_1955 2.jpg
la Jardin Secret Marrakech

Palais Bahia

For the architecture alone this place should be visited. Intricate and beautiful. Painted window shutters still remain and the carved wooden doors and ceiling are breathtaking. Full of detail and if you have children there is plenty of space to stretch their legs. 

palais Bahia Marrakech
Bahia palace marrakech
bahia palais Marrakech
Bahia palace marrakech
palais Bahia Marrakech

Jardin Majorelle

This place is stunning. Unfortunately I couldn't capture at its best as we arrived mid-rainfall. Also we left our visit to very late afternoon, I recommend an earlier morning visit, post breakfast before the tourist rush and coach tours arrive. It's a popular spot, and quite rightly so. Luckily I had seen these gardens on a previous trip and it was a lot less busy. Would make a gorgeous backdrop if you find quiet time to visit.

majorelle Gardens Marrakech
majorelle gardens Marrakech
jardin majorelle
jardin majorelle marrakech
London Gardens, Fenton House

Hampstead, It's always a pleasure to meet. We adore wandering your beautiful rose lined cobbly lanes, each time we are with you we can barely believe you are in London.

We will forever thrive off of the hustle and bustle of living in London. It's an inherent part of us. It keeps us motivated. It keeps us dreaming. But when those moments of being overwhelmed and overworked and perhaps overstimulated hit, we make sure we listen to our souls and escape to a place of sanctuary for a change of scene and to rest our minds.'s the key to a successful, happy life.

That's what I believe at least. Even if for half a day every now and then. We have a growing list of places we go to for a little time out in London. There are tranquil spots in London, they just need to be discovered.

Fenton House transports you back in time to when life was a little less fast paced, enclosed by the most precious walled garden. A small piece of country life in London. How heavenly to spend a late Sunday afternoon playing lawn games as a family and exploring the vegetable garden, apple trees, hanging pears and every other beautiful element of this most wonderful plot. A wander around the house is also such a delight.



hanging pears



Escape to the Roald Dahl Museum

Driving on the motorway out of London to escape the hustle and bustle of our crazily intense city for a moment is always exciting. A short distance from London in the beautiful home county of Berkhamstead tucked in the little village of Great Missenden you will find the home of Roald Dahl. A slightly sleepy yet pretty place, and very much unspoilt and beautifully uncommercialised. Quite a still, motionless village apart from odd locals running errands and small flocks that come to visit this gorgeous little museum dedicated to one of the world's favourite children's authors, quite a refreshing comparison to our day to day faced paced life.

To re-live moments of my own childhood with my children is beautiful. Roald Dahl is sure to be dear to most people of our generation. An author who we cannot wait to share with our children and escape reality and be transported to the land of Road Dahl via our imaginations. A whole day to fully immerse ourselves and learn more about the background and personality of such an influential person in our childhood and now our children.

The day was complemented just perfectly with another nostalgic element of our childhood, Mr Kipling cakes, which we munched on throughout our trip.

Mr Kipling cakes London



Roald Dahl Museum - 81-83 High St, Great Missenden HP16 0AL


A Spring Picnic at Kenwood House
Childhood. It's special. Let's make it magical. Turn the simplest moments into extravagant memories and let them live forever. 

Let the mind imagine a backdrop as perfect, stunning and vibrant as a treasured oil painting. A painting filled with every shade of pink and splashes of orange and yellow with a dash of white. The scene set with bloom covered archways leading to secret dens, paths and a fairytale garden just as you imagine in Alice in wonderland. That is where we setup our first official picnic of the year. Yes, such mesmerising places do exist in real life. London, yes, London.

Warm spring days are popping by every now and then, yearning to be used for late afternoon picnics wanting us to pretend summer has arrived almost a sneak peek, just a taster of our summer to come. And, on those days I am more than willling to oblige and pretend if only for a moment that summer is here to stay. I cannot help myself but to plan an outdoor picnic at any opportunity.

 Im just glad, for that opportunity to put together a picnic with a lot of style and creativity. I'm a creative and I will always look for the most creative way of doing the simplest things.

I just know these picnics will create lasting magical memories of their childhood. 





Our picnic was in collaboration with

Picnic Hamper -

Watermelon Origami Napkins -

Grey Pom Pom Blanket -

Customised Drink Swizzlers -

Daisy and Cupcake Chocolates -

Children's Colouring In Picnic Blanket -


Discover: Legoland Windsor
Legoland Windsor

Blessed with an Easter baby. 

Lucia turned 3. Excited. Perhaps the most excitement leading up to a birthday, ever. And, this is where she wanted to be. Couldn't be swayed with my endless bribes for a birthday party with friends. No. So, putting putting aside my dream of a 3rd birthday party, I reminded myself that her happiness was all that mattered. It was decided, Legoland it was.

And, just like that we were transported in mind and body. Utterly mesmerised and encapsulated somewhere that our souls yearned to be free and our inner child was released. For a moment we were taken back to our childhood and joined our children at that place in time where they are right now. Just as if we had been transported in a time machine. It was thrilling. It was Amazing. And, it was magical.

 Legoland does that to you.

Wouldn't it be lovely if every birthday filled you with excitement such as this.

legoland windsor review
legoland Windsor
legoland windsor
legoland windsor review
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legoland windsor blog review
diplomats cars legoland windsor
legoland windsor photos
legoland windsor blog review
balloons at Legoland Windsor

Gabriella wears:

Leggings - H&M kids

Top - TK Maxx (last season)

Trainers - Sports Direct


Winter in Mamas and Papas
mamas papas liberty london

Gorgeous golden leaves. Crispy, crunchy and ever shade of golden that the mind can imagine. Autumn really is almost too beautiful for words. I can't help but gaze at the blankets of leaves which change the entire tone and feel of London. Fallen leaves make up the visual beauty of the season. Childhood memories of autumn are dictated by the autumnal colour palette that surrounds and intrigues little minds and excites their vision.

The Autumn has always been the favourite season outdoors. Its been a blessing to the journey of motherhood, we seem to find ourselves occupied at the park in the early mornings for hours doing almost nothing at all but feeling completely fulfilled upon leaving. It goes without saying that we amuse ourselves drinking coffee (me not Lucia!), kicking leaves and creating wonderful collections of leaves separated by colour.

Mamas and Papas has the most stunning dress in their Liberty collection which suits the autumn winter season just perfectly. In just the right golden yellowy mustard colour and a typical ditsy floral liberty print it fits beautifully in Lucia's autumn winter wardrobe.

liberty children swear mamas and papas
liberty london collaboration mamas and papas
mamas and papas liberty collaboration
mamas and papas liberty print childrenswear

Lucia Wears:

Dress - Mamas and Papas

Shoes - Start Right

Pearl and Groove Gluten Free Cakes | Portobello Road
pearl and groove port hello road

For the most delightful, prettiest and tasty gluten free cakes you must prioritise a visit to Pearl and Groove on Portobello Road. You will find the bakery on Portobello Road, walk under the Westway past Golbourne Road and keep going a little further than you think you're supposed to and you will find it on the left side. Perhaps not somewhere you may stumble upon but a wonderful little bakery you will make every effort to visit once you know it's there. The window display is home to an array of delicately coloured rows of beautifully handcrafted and decorated mini cakes. Be prepared because you will want to try them all.

We sat on the candy coloured pink table and chairs outside, warmed up with a chai tea latte and feasted on these gorgeous edible pieces of art.

pearl and groove portobello
pearl and groove gluten free
gluten free london pearl and groove
pearl and groove
Pearl and Groove notting hill gluten free
pearl and groove gluten free cakes london
Luxury Deli Food Delivered | Caper App
caper app london food delivery

We are blessed with a long Indian summer which we are showing our gratitude by extending the picnic season as long as the weather will permit. The unexpected beautiful September days have led to all sorts of last minute trips to the park and unplanned lunching with friends and alfesco dinners on the lawn. For the slightly unorganised or very busy person that takes food seriously but hasn't got the time to wander from deli to deli and specialist food places I must share one of my favourite food apps. Caper App should have prime location on your phone. They have partnered with some of the most prestigious food delis around London and offer delivery within an hour or two of placing your order.

As the weather changes and autumn draws in, I can imagine how useful Caper will be when hosting last minute playdates at home or spontaneous drinks and nibbles with friends and family.

caper app sourced market london
caper app
caper app london food delivery
london family lifestyle blogger

Caper App - Download here


Gabriella Wear:

Dress - ilovegorgeous

Lucia Wears:

Dress - Ralph Lauren



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Westminster Abbey | London
westminster abbey review

I really consider myself a cultured Londoner but i've mistakenly overlooked visiting Westminster Abbey.

How could I have never visited such a wonderful historic church which has been at the forefront of British History and tradition for many centuries, and, still is. 

This is the very thought that hovers in my mind after 5 minutes of entering the gates at Westminster Abbey.

In all honesty I must have walked and driven past this regal place more than a thousand times, always admiring its splendour yet never entered. I almost felt disappointed with myself that I'd never thought to make the effort to experience Westminster Abbey and it's ground before now. I love nothing more than sharing new experiences with my children and i'm so pleased I've had the opportunity enjoy something new with them. It was beyond exciting to tell them all about the royal weddings and other events that have taken place here. The grounds of Deans Yard were oldy worldy and cobbly taking you back in time for a few moments. With photography being forbidden inside the Abbey, I will leave that for you to experience yourselves.

Westminster Abbey shall never be overlooked again. It has been firmly moved to the top of my list of places to take visitors I have from out of town.

deans yards
Westminster Abbey London
children's fashion blog London
westminster abbey London
family lifestyle blog london

Gabriella Wears:

Jeans - Zara kids | Top - Gap kids

Lucia Wears:

Dress - Zara kids


Westminster Abbey Website


Painting Outdoors | Hyde Park
outdoor painting with kids

It's true, the best things in life are free. I mean that sincerely.

Each and every day I take a moment to show my children the beauty in our world, our surroundings and how to create something wonderful and fulfilling from things that do not cost a thing. I feel passionate about teaching my girls to see the beauty in everything and not to rely on technology to fulfil their lives entirely.

Treasured Moments

It may be simple, but taking some watercolours, paintbrushes, some paper and a bottle of water to the park and setting up under a shaded tree in the summer months can be a beautiful thing. 

Precious and timeless. It's moments like these, I pray, they will treasure forever.

Tea & Scones | V&A Madjeski Garden
family lifestyle blogger london

It's one of my favourite places to be. To rest, to relax, absorb and to be inspired. How I love the V&A. Why? It's pretty. It's toddler friendly. They serve tea and cake. I say no more.

On this day, we had a lazy summer morning. Which we love.

My suggestion on how to follow those slow summer mornings goes like this. I imagine you're not yet dressed, so thats the first task. Make lunch, a light lunch at home. Pack up a few bits for the little ones, don't forget the wipes or take nothing but a book if you're on your own. Plan your route to South Kensington. Wade through the tourist and keen British art enthusiasts and find sanctuary in the V&A's Madjeski Garden. Pick up where you left off with a slow relaxing afternoon by enjoying some tea and scones on the lawns whilst the little ones run around and explore the gardens and be entertained by the free children's activities.

madjeski gardens family friendly
family lifestyle blog london
V&A children friendly family blogger london
childrens fashion blogger london
Crepes | Portobello Road

It's Our Thing

Every now and then. We must. We've just got to have it. Nothing else will do. 

Grabbing a roadside crepe off of a street stall is something that we love to do. Not any street stall. Has to be a Portobello street stall. So satisfy. So necessary. Hit's the spot like nothing else in that moment.

It's not just the crepe, but everything surrounding the crepe. The 10 minute walk along Westbourne Grove from home. Turning right onto Portobello right after having a quick glance to our left to catch the infamous rainbow coloured houses above the shops on Portobello. Experiencing that complete rush of inspiration as we scurry past the antique stalls and shops. Touching the crowds of tourists as we go. Waiting our turn and deciding in our minds what filling takes our fancy. Being pleasure and totally engrossed as we watch our crepes being made. Excitedly we almost always head to our right and decide which colour house and it's steps we want to sit on. Then, we savour our surroundings. We savour the moment.

things to do london with kids
childrens fashion blog notting hill blogger
portobello road colour houses
portobello road

Gabriella Wears:

Top: Zara Kids

Jeans: Zara Kids

The Wow Bag | Children's Fashion
childrens fashion blog

I've had my coffee and time is slipping away.

It's late Saturday morning and we rush to get ourselves playdate ready. We've been invited to picnic in the park with some friends. Excitedly, Gabriella runs to her wardrobe and searches for a dress worthy of the beautiful weather forecasted for the day ahead. Pulling out a fabulous little ilovegorgeous number she's owned since last year. I can see her heart has decided. After slipping the dress over her head she runs to find a bag to house a small selection of toys. She returns empty handed. I know her, no bag she owns is feeling right for today.

childrens stylish accessories

Without saying a word, I have it covered. I have a plan. 

childrens fashion blogger
children fashion blog london

It was love at first sight. 

We are all ready. Now it's time for a quick dash to M&S on the way. Gabriella wants scones with jam, crusty bread with butter and every fruit she can find. I sneakily walk through the shopping centre and edge towards Zara. They look happy. They fight to press the button to the lift. We reach the basement and the doors open. Gabriella runs over to her section whilst Lucia and I trail behind. Mummy 'I love it', 'can I have it?' 

'Yes.' Now lets go and picnic.

wow bag zara kids

I'd seen the bag the day before and knew she would head straight for it. It felt good to know my daughter so well.

Gabriella Wears:

Dress - ilovegorgeous (last season)

Bag - Zara Kids

childrens fashion blog
A Boutique Hotel at Heathrow | Hotel Ibis Styles
ibis styles heathrow

Finally, a boutique hotel at Heathrow Airport which will not break the bank. What a lovely way to start your travels. It's all very hectic, travelling with children. And, for those early morning flights it's not worth the risk of oversleeping and being stuck in traffic miles away from the airport. The thought of being all prepared, bags packed, passports with you and children within close proximity to check-in the day before, can only fill one with a little peace of mind.

hotel ibis styles heathrow

Simple & Easy Check In

I'm all about aestectics and the way things feel. Walking into the lobby is such a contrast to the outside, clean, modern and welcoming. It felt great. I'm something of a pro when it comes to staying at airport hotels. I must tell you, for an airport hotel it has to be the most style focused one I have stayed at to date. Especially at this price point. Check in was a breeze. The staff are super friendly and are more than happy to make your stay as comfortable as possible. Sent on our way to enjoy our evening of rest with a few apples was a very nice touch which the girls particularly loved. It's the littlest things that make moments memorable.

hotel ibis styles heathrow
hotel ibis styles

Eating, Drinking & Sleeping 

How nice to have a restaurant and bar on location. Relaxed enough to take the children for a bite to eat or some milk and pudding in our case before tucking them in for the night. Be prepared, there is no room service, but the restaurant and bar is open to around midnight. Another little tip, there is a petrol right next door for some late night movie snacks.                                                      

restaurant hotel ibis styles heathrow
restaurant hotel ibis style heathrow

The Rooms

Very Clean. Very Stylish. Everything you need and more. Opening the door and to be greeted by this room was a pleasant surprise. Theres a place for everything and all the basics have been catered for. There are even USB charging sockets in the wall, great lighting, water and cups, a kettle, shower gels, hairdryers, space to hang your next days clothes. There's no wardrobe, but why would you need one, we're off on holiday after all. The beds are of the standard you would expect from any luxury hotel, comfy, fresh and with great clean, white crisp linen and plump pillows. Best of all, there is a duvet.

room hotel ibis styles
family travel blog
family travel blog

Breakfast is Included

Yes, breakfast is included. An all you can eat buffet feast. There is something for everyone. The girls loved the selection of cereals, toast and there was also an array of meats cheeses, yoghurts and hot and cold drinks. The perfect way to fuel you for your day ahead travelling.

breakfast hotel ibis styles
family travel blog london

Thank you to Hotel Ibis for hosting our stay

Hotel Ibis Styles Heathrow - Website 

A Sporty Dress | Children's Fashion
ralph lauren girls dress

Spending our afternoons taking a stroll through the park to the museums is what we have been occupying our afternoons with over the summer. It's the most blissful trip from start to finish, the journey on our way there is just as lovely as our time spent in the museums.

sporty girls dress
hyde park for children
Prince Albert Statue Hyde Park

I'm personally really liking sporty dress for Gabriella at the moment. She's a Tom boy for sure. Yes, she loves to dress up but she loves nothing more than a rough and tumble, making mud pies, climbing trees and anything else you may associate with tom boys. With this in mind you can only imagine the countless clothes we have shredded over the years. This sporty dress she wears is made from polo fabric, designed to take a little wear and tear but still super stylish. They are classic and never date. Good enough for a playdate but comfy enough to play sports in and just right for an afternoon at the science museum.

ralph lauren dress

Gabriella Wears:

Dress - Ralph Lauren

Natalie WongComment
Black + White Gingham | Children's Fashion
english gardens london

We can all relate to gingham in someway, I'm sure. Whether it be remembering very nostalgic memories of handmade dresses we used to wear as a child or touches of it at home growing up or at granny's and perhaps more recent memories of our own children wearing it. Actually, I think I have all of the above covered.

black and white gingham dress

This dress is everything for a lover of gingham. The black and white brings it up to date but it still feels classic. In a heavier weighted cotton, it's a match for our ever changing summer weather and will very easily take us through autumn and winter layered with some knitwear and tights finished off with some boots. Gabriella likes edgy pieces of clothing but surprisingly she love traditional too. This was her choice. She's probably quite a bit like me. My style is definitely classic with a little bit of edge. Oh and please excuse the sandals, they are her absolute favourite at the moment and could do nothing to style the dress with more appropriate shoes, no amount of bribery could prise them off her feet.

gingham girls dress

One of the girls favourite spots in the park over the summer has been in amongst the long wild grasses next to Kensington Palace. As well as the long grasses the most beautiful English style wild garden is right next to it leading the way to the Royal Palace. It's a stunning little spot to enjoy a picnic or let the children run free whilst you sit and admire the prettiness around you. How could I not share a few photos of Gabriella wearing the gingham dress whilst hanging out at one of her favourite areas in the park.

children long wild grass london
wild grass london
black and white children's dress

Gabriella wears:

dress - zara

Summer Pantone Green Flash 15-0146 | Children's Fashion

It's an absolute must that the girls love what they wear or at least like it and feel comfortable wearing an outfit. After all, fashion and the way we dress is an extension of our personalities and helps to develop confidence in who we are. That's not to say that I don't on occasion steer them in the right direction or talk them out of the odd hideous choice.  Just like little magpies they were drawn to this statement green together, so how could I resist and pass up an opportunity for a little matchy matchy styling?

One of this season's most fashionable colours is green flash pantone 15-0146. It's very much like an emerald green. It isn't a colour I or the girls would usually chose but a little experimenting is always fun. Sometimes photos just cannot capture the beauty of a  colour and it has to be seen with the naked eye for absolute appreciation. Green flash is one of those colours. In person it looks unexpectedly very sofisticated and stylish. In my opinion the sofistication is enhanced in pieces which are cut very well with a couture feel. Lucia's dress in this colour is the perfect cut to show off this beautiful, bold colour.

green flash pantone 15-0146

Lucia Wear:

Dress - Cos

Gabriella Wears:

T-shirt - Cos

Battersea Park Zoo | A Family Day Out

We love to paint a beautiful weekend by filling it with adventures whether they be simple or extravagant in nature. We are keen animal lovers and although we have no pets yet we love nothing more than a day at the zoo or farm. Living in London has many things in plentiful amounts but zoos and farms is one particular area where you have slightly less choice. However, Battersea Park Zoo is a wonderful alternative to London Zoo and still relatively centrally located, just a stones throw away and short walk from Chelsea over Battersea Bridge which pleases the eyes and soul with the most encapsulating views if you choose to wander across. We couldn't resist the tempting views and decided to exit our uber ride a little early to enjoy a slow paced walk to savour the views over the bridge finding our way into the leafy hidden park. You will find the zoo tucked away just beyond the entrance nearest to Battersea Bridge. The zoo is a haven for families, designed with toddlers and younger children in mind. There are smaller animals, scheduled feeding times which can be watched and enjoyed by the whole family, small play areas dotted around and above all, it offers interactive moments which will very happily play on your mind  for all the right reasons.

battersea park zoo london
battersea zoo
battersea park zoo london

Take a Picnic

In my opinion, summer is made for picnics and let's seize every opportunity to have one. Make use of the beautiful Battersea Park in which the zoo is set in. It's beyond gorgeous. Take some time to soak up the summer sun, I certainly did. It felt so good to enjoy a punnet of dark red cherries and watch various people pass by. I'm actually a keen people watcher, honestly, I could sit somewhere for hours completely occupied. What better way to break up the day than to sit out on the lawns, set up a picnic and let the children run free and refuel. Not to mention the great opportunity to take a moment for yourself and watch the world go by. I literally enjoy making a meal out of a picnic, any opportunity to put my creativity to work. Styling our picnics by choosing pretty napkins, throwaway trays, summery melamine cups and lovely blankets certainly makes the whole affair even more enjoyable, for me, at least. Thankfully the girls always adore all the little details.

battersea park picnic
picnic battersea park
battersea park picnic

Fabulous Play Areas

What makes Battersea Park Zoo that much more suitable for toddlers and younger children are the endless play areas. There are many places to make a pitstop, the play areas are scattered around the zoo waiting to be explored by little people. Just so ideal to keep them busy and avoid moments of boredom. I'm not quite sure what was more interesting for the Gabriella and Lucia, the animals or the amazing play areas. There were tunnels and Lucia became obsessed with, wooden tree houses that had them running in and sliding out. 

battersea zoo play areas
battersea zoo
battersea park zoo london
battersea park zoo london
battersea zoo
battersea park chelsea
battersea park zoo london